While many Labor Day parades and parties are cancelled this year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still spend a fun day at home with your loved ones. To kickstart your planning, we’ve compiled some of our personal favorites for you and the family to ensure a safe and celebratory Labor Day.

Set up the sprinkler
There are few things more joy-filled than turning on the sprinklers and running with glee through the water. Toss in the fact that temperatures are almost guaranteed to be 100+, and a simple sprinkler can become one of the highlights of your Labor Day. With tons of sprinkler options for under $20, and Shea Homes spacious yards, it’s sure to be a hit for the whole family. Pro tip: if you have a trampoline in the yard, you can get sprinklers that attach to keep you cool while you bounce around.

It’s showtime!
When the sun goes down and cooler temperatures prevail, power on the projector and find your favorite summer flick. With many movies releasing as video on demand this summer, you can even stream a blockbuster from the comfort of your own backyard. Set up some cushions and blankets, grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy a relaxing Labor Day evening.

Make home-made ice cream
The only thing better than a movie in your own backyard? A movie in your own backyard with your own ice cream. There are few better ways to cool off after a day in the hot Arizona sun than having a generous portion of ice cream. To make it more interactive for the family, consider making your ice cream, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. All it takes is a short list of ingredients combined with a little prep work, and voila! you have homemade ice cream for the whole family. If you’re trying to save time, set aside 15 minutes in the morning to make your favorite recipe, throw it in the freezer, and enjoy it during your movie. 

Back-yard picnic
No Labor Day is complete without some tasty food throughout the day, whether you make it on the grill, or in one of Shea’s beautiful kitchens. Break out the decorations and set up a spot outside for a family picnic. Don’t be too concerned about the heat either, as we have plenty of quick remedies for that. An extra benefit of picnicking at home is that you can use your fancy dishware, without the worry of it getting broken on the way to a gathering.

Have your own parade
Just because the big town parade is off this year, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own. Take advantage of Shea’s cozy communities and organize your own local parade. With proper planning, everyone can get their 15 minutes of fame as they parade down the street in their best Labor Day attire. Space start times out for safe distance and consider starting early to catch the early morning cool temps. Add in a “parade wave” competition and require every parade participant to throw candy for maximum fun.  

Happy Labor Day from our Shea Homes’ family to you and yours!

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