If healthy living is on your mind these days but you’ve slipped a little since the start of the New Year, here’s the good news: small changes make a big difference. For many people, the idea of “getting healthy” is overwhelming, but you can start by making a few adjustments that really do add up to a healthier lifestyle. Here are six simple ways to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life:

Move more. You may have heard how bad being sedentary is for your health. Make it a goal to move around a few minutes each hour. If you work at a desk for long periods every day, get up and take a walk. Consider investing in a Fitbit—many models give you regular reminders to stand up and move. A recent study shows that just two minutes per hour of activity can increase your life expectancy.

Drink more water. You hear it all the time: water is good for you. It’s true! Water consumption helps maintain the balance of body fluids, energizes the muscles, keeps your kidneys working well, can help trim calorie intake, and keeps skin looking great. If you do nothing else, drink a few extra glasses of water each day.

Add fruit or veggies to every meal. This is a popular strategy for those who want to make changes to their diet but don’t know where to begin. Make it your goal to eat at least some vegetables and/or fruit with every meal if you’re not doing so today. These power foods do so much for your body—like help prevent heart disease, control blood pressure, keep your organs in good working order, and more. Rather than commit to a fad diet, try this and see what happens.

Get active for 30 minutes a day. This is a hard habit for some to embrace, but remember that “active” doesn’t have to equal hitting the gym. Consider activities that you enjoy rather than ones that look good “on paper.” Yoga, power walking, hiking, tennis, racquetball, pickleball, and swimming are all great activities that get your heart pumping, which is vital to good health. Once you live at a place like Trilogy, check out the fitness classes, which are a fun way to change up the exercise routine.

Cook at home. We all love dining out, but you can save yourself a whole lot of calories by cooking at home. If you’re worried about your lack of culinary skills, take a healthy cooking class or start exploring recipe websites for easy, healthy dishes. Once you make your move to Trilogy, you simply must put your gorgeous kitchen to use, after all! So, if you’re currently eating out six or seven times a week, try cutting down to two. Your waistline and your heart will thank you.

Get plenty of sleep. Everyone is a little bit different, but if you don’t have a good bedtime routine, try choosing a set bedtime and sticking to it at least five days a week. Just getting into the habit of going to bed on time (and early enough to ensure you get the right number of hours of sleep) is good for your physical and mental health. Also, did you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, your body has more of an appetite?

For most of us, drastic resolutions to get fit or eat super healthy don’t last long term. Instead, work on incorporating a few small changes into your life and see how it goes. As time goes on, make a few more changes. Before you know it, you will feel and look better—and your next doctor checkup will prove it.

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