Summer vacations are in full swing for many school districts, which means families and grandchildren may be coming for an extended visit. And while you likely can’t wait to welcome your loved ones into your home, there’s one thing that can become a little wearing over time – that seemingly constant beeping of digital devices! Kids, these days, right?(Darn, are we sounding like our parents already?)

Of course, you don’t want to be seen as a “fuddy-duddy.” Social media is fun for everyone, but with limited face time with your family, you want to spend it offline, and together! To plan some fun for everyone, we’ve gathered 5 games from our past that we remember playing that, with a few updates, are just as fun today. The only phones allowed during these games are those used to snap some photos of all the fun that will be had! So, take a look at the list below and plan some game time either in a shared space in your community (how fun would it be for everyone to meet your family in the midst of a silly game), or your living room. When we build Trilogy communities, we’re thinking of how we can bring large groups of loved ones together – both inside your home and outside.

1. Pie Face
Kids may think this game is a new one after its re-release in 2015, but do they know this game was actually first introduced back in 1968? The game made recent headlines after a grandfather and his grandchild filmed themselves playing the original version of the game and their video went viral! Get in on the fun and pick up Pie Face at virtually any store and show your family your generation was far ahead of this trend by sharing this blast from the past ad for the game.

Tip: Try playing this game out on your back patio or keep some towels handy on your kitchen island where clean up may be easier!

2. Don’t Spill the Beans
Here’s another game that made a comeback in recent years. Originally launched in the 1960s and featuring real beans, this game is again available on store shelves and various DIY ideas have hit the internet to make the game a more educational one. To keep the fun fresh, consider adding reading words, math problems or even family facts to the “beans” you add to the pot – before a player places a “bean” into the pot, have the read or answer the question.

3. Rock'em Sock’em Robots
Bonus points for you if you still have your original game from 1964. But, with multiple renditions of this game on the market you can still share your fascination with this hand-controlled boxing game with your family. It may be even more entertainment to watch how the ads have changed!

Tell us – where you more of a “Red Rocker” or “Blue Bomber”?

4. Twister
A product of the ‘70s, this is the perfect game to update a little and bring outdoors! Get a few cans of marking spray paint (the kind that workers use to make markings on the ground), in the appropriate Twister colors: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Once in a grassy area, you can use the marking spray to paint rows of colored circles to use as your playing mat.
To begin play, you can either purchase an old spinner online, or even use an online version like this Twister Spinner.

5. Monopoly
We all remember hours – or days – long Monopoly games… along with that one family member who was always seemed to be a somewhat non- scrupulous banker. Have the family gather in a spacious part of your home where the game board can stay out a few days if necessary. Consider a nook or sitting area in your home so you’re not taking up valuable space in the living room where you may want to host a movie night later.

Monopoly also has updated their gameboards with multiple different themes featuring pop culture throughout the years. Let the kids in the household pick which they’re most interested in, or pick one from your past – Beatles, maybe?

Have you ever brought up games from your past with the family? Share below so our community members can get additional ideas. And, of course, never forget the built-in amenities many Trilogy communities offer such as pool areas, tennis and pickleball courts, bocce ball, playgrounds and more.

Trilogy at Tehaleh Playground
Trilogy at Tehaleh Playground

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