At Trilogy®, we’ve strived to provide our Members innovative, progressive, and scientifically supported fitness experiences. This self-directed challenge is what led us to debut our newest concept in fitness, Afturburn.

Afturburn combines the best of Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, Cross Fit, high-intensity interval work, personal training, and mobility modules to create a challenging and fun workout that changes people’s bodies and lives. Afturburn puts people in a position of “comfortable discomfort,” where they break through personal walls and are encouraged to try new things, while being fully supported and coached.

Afturburn is the brand of the Trilogy fitness areas themselves, a unified concept that Trilogy is implementing in new communities and retrofitting into existing ones. It’s also the name of a specialized fitness class that maximizes our Members’ time in the gym!

Afturburn, the branded space, also provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities, including popular classes such as Step, Low Impact, Spin, Pilates, Yoga, Muscle Toning, and various stretch options.

The Afturburn class combines cardiovascular and strength equipment as well as mobility devices and open floor space to create both group and individual work. Our health and fitness specialists, including an accredited personal trainer and naturopath, are always there to offer inspiration, guidance, and support.

Stop by the Discovery Center to learn more about Afturburn and the fitness classes available to you when the Club opens!

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