Trilogy at the Vineyards, we’re all about quality wine and enjoying the finer things in life.  The art of appreciating wine has become even more sophisticated over the years, in part, due to the development of high-tech gadgets. Wine enthusiasts can do practically anything wine related with a nifty electronic tool. The next time you are shopping for a gift idea for your favorite wine lover, keep these suggestions in mind – or better yet, go ahead and give yourself a gift!

Electric Wine Bottle Openers

Avoid cork residue in your wine bottle by upgrading to an electric wine bottle opener. Almost every kitchen brand now makes electronic wine openers. They can be found in almost any store where kitchenware is sold. These cordless openers only require you to place the opener on top of the bottle and press a button. Less than 15 seconds later, you just remove the entire opener and your wine is ready to be poured. Directions for different electric openers may vary.  One of the top rated electric wine-bottle openers in quality and affordability is the Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener.

Automatic Wine Preservers

Avoid having to pour out good wine because the stopper did not preserve it well enough with an automatic wine preserver. The electric “cap” automatically pumps air out of your opened bottle of wine to help prevent oxidation in order to keep the wine fresher. Brookstone’s Automatic Wine Preserver has a built-in thermometer to ensure that you are serving your wine at the correct temperature.

Iceless Wine Chillers

A wine chiller is perfect for those unexpected guests or a long dinner party. These rapid coolers can quickly chill or warm bottles of wine to the appropriate serving temperature in just minutes. Most coolers have temperature setting options as well as countdown timers that let you know exactly when your bottle will be chilled to perfection. Brookstone’s Iceless Wine Chiller even has a database of wines to automatically cool your bottle to the recommended temperature.

Do you have a favorite electronic wine tool? Share it with us in the comments below!

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