When Life Gives You Lemons…

Spring is in the air and so is the fresh scent of lemon. Vibrant in flavor, Lemon does more for one’s body than we give it credit for. They are rich in Vitamin A and C and they help to add higher energy levels to our bodies. However, the bitter bite of lemon alone  is too sour for our taste buds and with wine in the kitchen, why not combine the two? So we decided to venture to Italy for spring cocktail inspiration, combining Limoncello, sparkling white wine and berries for a burst of citrus goodness that will light up happy hour.

Limoncello – The Signature Drink of Italy

For our Trilogy Travelogue bloggers & fans who’ve ventured to the Almalfi Coast, you probably relished in the signature drink of Italy – Limoncello. Found throughout the coastal regions of Capri and Sorrento, this sour yet sweet concoction of lemons infused with vodka is both a palette cleanser and an after dinner drink. The Italian citrus-based lemon liquor is rich in taste and a refreshing zest to one’s tastebuds. However, Limoncello is best in smaller doses and mixes delightfully with the bubbly champagne-like splash of Prosecco. This Italian dry sparkling white wine is crisp but delicate in flavor, with apple, peach and citrus flavors blended as one. The fizz of Prosecco combined with Limoncello and fresh berries creates a cocktail that is delightful after Sunday brunch or a spring evening with friends. Sound delish? Without further ado, we’d like to brighten your day and take you to warmth of Italy with our fresh homemade Lemon Spritzer recipe.

Ingredients for Limoncello cocktail:

  • Prosecco
  • 1 oz. Limoncello or Framboise
  • Lemon twist (for garnish)
  • 2 raspberries (for garnish)


  • Add chilled Prosecco and flavored liquorto a champagne flute or tumbler of choice.
  • Top limoncello with garnishes and serve.

How do you toast to Spring in your Trilogy Community? Give our recipe a try and share your experience below!


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