Water workouts are a fun and refreshing way to keep in shape when the mercury rises—and all year round. If you’re looking for a low-impact way to build strength, endurance, and flexibility, just add water to your workout routine!

Trilogy Lake Frederick

Why add H20?
It’s easy on the joints.
Water workouts can place less stress on your over-used joints. When working out in chest-deep water, you’re only supporting about 10% of your total body weight, which makes your movements significantly smoother than they would be on land. This can save the shock absorbing tissue in the joints that can deteriorate over years of use, causing arthritic pain—making aqua exercise an ideal solution for those with high-risk joints.
It’s as challenging at you want it to be.
Just because water workouts are ideal for those looking for low-impact fitness options, that doesn’t mean they’re not challenging! In fact, there are a number of factors that can make aqua exercises even more efficient and effective than the same movements on dry land. When you exercise on land, your body is working against the downward pull of gravity, whereas when you exercise in the water, you’re facing resistance in all directions. This multi-directional resistance actually increases the number of muscles worked for each movement, and the density of water makes the resistance of each movement that much more of a challenge. (But don’t let that intimidate you! The great thing about water is that it will push back as hard as you push it. So, your workout will be just as challenging as you want it to be.)
It’s a major calorie burner.
With this extra resistance—in all directions—comes a bonus to working out in the water: major calorie burning! You can burn substantially more calories when you perform the same exercises in water that you normally perform on land. Water walking, for example, can burn nearly twice as many calories as walking the same distance on the treadmill. Now that’s motivation to take the plunge!
It keeps you cool - in more ways than one!
Another benefit of exercising in the water is that it provides temperature control, which is key during these sunny summer months. Even when you push your body to the max, the water keeps you cool and lets you comfortably exercise for longer periods of time. In addition to keeping you physically cool, studies have shown that spending time in the water can help you to feel emotionally cool and calm, leading to a decrease in depression, anxiety, and even feelings of loneliness.
Need another nudge to dive in? Perhaps the best reason of all to add water to your workout routine is that it’s FUN! And when exercise is fun, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Trilogy at The Vineyards

 Make a Splash at Trilogy
Trilogy® communities across the country offer a number of different ways for Members to add H2O to their fitness routines. We’ve highlighted a few of these options below. Contact your Community Representative for details on the amenities and activities offered at the Trilogy community that interests you.
Aqua Zumba
Love Zumba on land? Then you’ll really love the wet and wild version of this popular dance-inspired class! As mentioned above, adding water to your routine adds resistance in every direction—which means extra calorie burning with every cha-cha-cha! And if you’re feeling at all intimidated about dancing in a crowd, it might help that your body is moving and grooving in chest-deep water, not in front of a mirror in an exercise studio. This group exercise class is offered at several Trilogy communities. Ask your Community Representative for a schedule of group fitness classes at your community, to see if Aqua Zumba is on the list.
Water Aerobics
Just like the land version of aerobics, water aerobics uses callisthenic movements like jumps, kicks, squats, and arm circles to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. The water version offers a whole lot of muscle toning with much less strain on your joints. Instructors often mix it up and keep things interesting by adding equipment like buoyancy belts, floating barbells, and kickboards. This group exercise class is also offered at several Trilogy communities, including Trilogy at The Polo Club [ADD LINK], Encanterra [ADD LINK], Trilogy Lake Norman [ADD LINK], and more. Check out the aqua fitness schedule at the community that interests you.
Water Walking
Whether on land or in the water, walking is one of the best exercises around. And as noted above, it’s an especially effective and efficient toner and calorie burner when you’re strolling against the multi-directional forces of water. It doesn’t involve any equipment or complicated moves, and it can be done on your own or with a group.  In fact, it’s likely that there’s a water-walking group that meets regularly at your Trilogy community—and if there isn’t one yet, as a homeowner you could talk to your Lifestyle Director about starting one. You can connect with new friends, get to know your neighbors, and enjoy a good workout all at the same time!
When it comes to water workouts, there are few that are more effective than good old-fashioned swimming. This classic exercise offers a total-body, cardiovascular workout that’s a true test of endurance. Even if it’s been a while since you swam a lap or two (childhood swim lessons, anyone?), it’s never too late to jump back in the pool and try again. Give yourself small, measurable goals, like swimming one lap further than the day before, and challenge yourself to mix it up with different strokes. Knowing that swimming can burn up to 700 calories in 30 minutes might just motivate you to suit up! Many Trilogy communities have separate lap pools specifically for swim workouts, and others have resort-style pools with designated lap lanes. Ask your Community Representative for details on the pools at the Trilogy community that interests you!
Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, and more!
Great workouts don’t just happen in the water—they happen on the water, too! Several Trilogy communities have lakes or ponds right nearby that are perfect for kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddle boarding. At Trilogy Lake Norman, Trilogy at Ocala Preserve, and Trilogy at Verde River™, you can visit The Outfitter—an outdoor adventure shop within the community—to grab all the gear you need for an afternoon on the water. Or if you find yourself at a coastal Trilogy community like Trilogy at Monarch Dunes, you can give surfing a try! It’s never too late to find a new favorite hobby, and when you’re distracted by the process of learning a new skill, you’ll hardly even notice that you’re working new muscle groups and burning mega calories.
Inspired to take the plunge? Slip on your suit and just add water! You’re just a refreshing dunk away from a highly effective, joint friendly, calorie-torching workout! Reach out to your Community Representative to learn all about the Trilogy amenities that make it fun and convenient to add H2O to your daily fitness routine.

Please consult your health care provider before starting any exercise program.

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