Although retirement might be something you’ve looked forward to for years, when the time actually comes, it might feel a little different. It’s common for new retirees to feel a range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness. Many feel unsure what to do with all their newfound freedom, while others feel anxious about establishing a new daily routine.

If you’re approaching this stage of life, do yourself a big favor: get into the mindset! Your life is about to change, and you can ease the transition by planning ahead and preparing yourself mentally. Here are a few tips to get ready for what is to come:

Brainstorm how to fill the void that work leaves. If you’re leaving a busy career behind, it’s natural to feel unsure about what to do with the hours of the day that you once spent working. Think about things you’ve often contemplated but haven’t had the time to explore – semi-professional pursuits that will enrich your life, such as volunteering, a new entrepreneurial endeavor, or even a part-time job. Maybe you’ve always enjoyed painting or writing and would like to take a few classes.

Write down forgotten and current hobbies. Certainly, hobbies are a great way to expand your mind and have some fun. What have you always loved doing in your free time? What have you enjoyed in the past but set aside due to a busy life schedule? Whether it’s golf or crafting, reading or dancing, now is the time to pick those interests back up again! At Trilogy® communities, we make it easy for Members to get involved. With lots of casual clubs for a wide array of interests, sport courts for easy-entry sports like pickleball and tennis, and a lifestyle centered around wellness and exploration, here, you’ll find it easy to discover new pastimes while meeting new people.

Think about things you want to keep doing. Studies show that those who spend a little time thinking about not just what they want to do but who they want to be in retirement are happier and more fulfilled. As mentioned before, the sunset of a career can be both exciting and nostalgic. If you’re struggling with losing part of your identity, reflect on what aspects of your current professional life you want to keep going. Perhaps volunteering, consulting, or serving on a board of a company or nonprofit organization will “fill the bucket” that your job has historically.

Consider the lifestyle you desire. Are you looking to be more active? More social with people entering this phase at the same time (or already living and loving it)? Do you want to travel more? All of the above? Start pondering what kind of life you want to live – both in terms of location/setting and lifestyle. At Trilogy, life is a beautiful blend of luxury and fun. Friendships are formed, passions are discovered, and most importantly, life is lived. As you’re thinking about this next life adventure, we invite you to check us out!

At Trilogy, we bring people together at a time that should be exciting and fun. We’re committed to creating a lifestyle that centers around fulfilling relationships and experiences because we know that the post-professional stage of life, while full of opportunity, is a big change for most people.

Come discover just how good The Good Life can be. This new chapter is going to be amazing, and we hope we have the privilege of helping you live it to the fullest!

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