Across the country, classrooms are full of students embarking on another year of learning and growing. While it’s been a few years since some of our Trilogy Members have played tag at recess or hung out by their lockers, many are choosing to continue their education through lifelong learning opportunities. Some Trilogy Members are digging into the past, while others are brushing up on the latest technology. Some are exploring new languages, while others are experimenting with new recipes.
Read on to discover just a few of the ways that Trilogy Members are continuing their own education this year.
Computers 101 at Trilogy at The Vineyards
If you’re a computer newbie and you want to learn the basics to feel comfortable at a keyboard, Trilogy at The Vineyards has you covered! After many requests from Members, they started a series that’s geared toward absolute novices. So if you don’t know a mouse from a megabyte, this class is for you!
From processor speeds (megahertz, gigahertz) and storage space (bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes) to browsers, folders, menu bars, and more—they’ll explain the technology lingo and teach you all you need to know to get the most out of your computer. They'll compare Apples, Windows, and Google operating systems—and if you don’t know what an operating system is, that will be covered, too. They'll discuss desktops from the three main manufactures and venture into some internet exploring, email, account setup, and more. Eventually, this class will move on from computers to share the basics of tablets and smartphones in a similar manner.
Interested in learning more? Trilogy at The Vineyards Members can visit for full details and to register online.
Gardening Workshops at Trilogy Orlando

Love to dig in the dirt? Have a green thumb—or wish you had one? The Wildflowers of Trilogy Club (aka, the Garden Club) meets on the third Thursday of each month in Emma’s Culinary Garden to hear expert guest speakers and enjoy hands-on activities, fun programs, and more. If you’re interested in making your garden—and the world—a beautiful, thriving place, you may want to join the Garden Club. All are welcome, from beginner to avid gardeners. Meetings sometimes include day trips to public gardens, growers, and nurseries. There’s something for everyone!

This month, the Wildflowers are welcoming professional landscape designer, horticulturist, and garden author, Teresa Watkins to their meeting to share tips and tricks for attracting butterflies and pollinators to backyard gardens. Over 36,000 homeowners have attended Watkins' educational workshops. Her passion for pollinator gardening will touch on all aspects, from caterpillars to flutter-bys. You’ll learn all you need to know about creating your own butterfly garden. 

Best of all, this workshop will be broadcast on Club Connect, the innovative program that allows us to schedule and host an event at a single Trilogy location, while broadcasting the event live to other Trilogy communities. So, Trilogy Members across the country can (virtually) attend this gardening seminar!

Members, check for the “Gardens to Flutter By” workshop and all upcoming Wildflowers of Trilogy meetings on


Culinary Classes at Trilogy Verde River
Throughout the year, the culinary teams at Trilogy communities across the country offer cooking demos and hands-on classes that are full of tips and tricks to help our Members sharpen their skills in the kitchen.  Classes meet in the Culinary Studio—one of the most popular social spaces at the Trilogy Resort Clubs. This dynamic space can be used for cooking lessons, chef demos, private parties, and more. With comfortable seating set around a custom, gourmet kitchen, Members have a front row seat as chefs create culinary masterpieces before their eyes—like live, interactive versions of their favorite television cooking shows!
This month, Trilogy at Verde River Members can join Chef Paul in the Culinary Studio to learn how to make fresh pasta dough that will be used to make two delicious ravioli recipes: Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage Sauce and Three Cheese Ravioli with Pancetta and Tomato Sauce. They’ll also make a delicious seasonal salad of Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Walnut, and Citrus Dressing.
Trilogy at Verde River Members can visit for full details and culinary class meeting times.

History Studies at Trilogy Lake Frederick

Want to brush up on your history facts? Check out the History for Fun Club at Trilogy Lake Frederick! This club was started nine years ago to delve into the rich history of the Shenandoah Valley, where Trilogy at Lake Frederick is located. The founders of the club didn’t want this to be just another history class full of dates and facts presented in a way that can be—well—boring! They wanted to learn about what happened exactly where they live, who was involved, why they were there, how and where they lived, and why the events and people were so important to the Shenandoah Valley, and to America. Most of all, they wanted it to be fun!

Now, nearly a decade in, this club is still going strong. Monthly topics are determined ahead of time and vary widely, from how the Valley was formed by glacial movements, to how the Native people lived, to discussions about a 16 year old who came to the frontier to learn surveying and later became the “Father of His Country” - George Washington. And when they learn about the Civil War, they can point to a house across Lake Frederick and say, "that is where Major General Stonewall Jackson and his staff had breakfast, at Dr. Mason’s house on the morning of May 23,1862, during his Valley Campaign."

Trilogy Members are welcome to join in the fun on the third Thursday of each month, September through April, at 7:00pm in the Skyline Room at the Shenandoah Lodge.

Foreign Language Studies at Encanterra
It’s never too late to learn a new language, or to refresh your memory and bring back the fluency you once had.
At Encanterra, Members can take Spanish classes at the level that’s just right for them—from those who are just learning “Hola!” to those who want to practice conversational Spanish. Dr. Jean Oliver offers a variety of classes at Encanterra, with the level of difficulty based on the students’ ability and motivation. At the introductory level, there are four cumulative classes, each building on language learned in the prior class. Students will learn to pronounce Spanish phonetically and will memorize question words and common Spanish phrases. At the intermediate level, lessons focus on both speaking and reading Spanish. This class uses stories for context to learn new vocabulary and increase Spanish speaking confidence. The Conversational Spanish Classes are not cumulative, so Members are welcome to join in whenever it fits their schedule, without worrying about missing a class in the series. This is a great way to expand on your ability to speak Spanish while getting to know your Trilogy neighbors.

If you’re an Encanterra Member, check out the upcoming schedule of Spanish Classes on

The above classes are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the opportunities for lifelong learning and enrichment at Trilogy communities. Never stop learning!

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