Ever read the book or seen the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? If not, here’s the premise: four friends are linked together through a single item of clothing that each teenage girl wears at different times in their lives. The pants link the girls together and help them stay in touch.

Trilogy at Vistancia member

Inspired, a group of friends at Trilogy® at Vistancia®in Peoria, Arizona, passed along a black and white summer dress as they traveled to different places throughout the year. The dress, which according to Trilogy at Vistancia member Barbara Ohme, “magically fits anyone who wears it,” has been worn by 10 women (and counting) to more than 17 countries and has taken several trips across the United States. “The best part of the experience is getting together and sharing stories with other like-minded and adventurous travelers,” said Ohme. “Whoever wears the dress is required to post a photo and short article about their experiences wearing it on Facebook. And by the way, the dress has become so popular that there’s a waiting list for those who want to get their hands on it!

Trilogy at Vistancia member

"The diverse styles in which the dress is worn shows our uniqueness,” said Jan Crawford, who has traveled internationally while wearing the dress. “The fact that the dress fits us all shows how alike we are. Also, to have a “sisterhood” at this time in our lives is very special. Oh the places we’ll go!”

Collage of Trilogy at Vistancia members

The “Trilogy Traveling Dress” has its own Facebook group and has inspired more women to join and be part of the fun. “The dress is so fun to wear, it’s comfortable, and it really does fit anyone who wears it!” said Nancy Rehm, who has worn the dress to multiple states in the U.S. “Everyone who wears it brings a new style and look to the dress, and it’s been so much fun to participate.” If you ask any of the women who have worn it they’ll tell you – the dress has personality all to its own,” said Ohme. “It makes both traveling with and wearing it so much fun!”

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