Contrary to popular belief, going to a spa is not just a luxurious indulgence. Taking the time out of your day to get some R&R has great health benefits both physically and emotionally.

Our bodies endure wear and tear from various elements as well as stress. Spa treatments not only give you a day of peace and quiet, but they also help heal and supplement natural body processes and movements. Depending on which treatment is selected, healing can vary from ridding of dead and weak cells to eliminating toxins in your body.

Here at Trilogy at Monarch Dunes, we’re all about wellness, exploration, continued learning and close personal connections. The Sandalwood Spa is a key part of the Monarch Club at Trilogy at Monarch Dunes. Its design  is meant to provide an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sandalwood Spa is open to guests and residents of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes. Services include a variety of skin care treatments, massages, body care treatments, nail care treatments and waxing & tinting. The spa incorporates elements of nature to create a calm ambiance which even includes a Zen garden in which guests can enjoy a cup of tea before and after a treatment.

To learn more about Sandalwood Spa’s services, visit The Sandalwood Spa website or call 805-343-7520.

The sandalwood Spa is just one of many amenities here at Trilogy at Monarch Dunes. To learn more about our five-star amenities, including Andelina’s Bistro, Monarch Dunes Golf Club and more, see our Trilogy at Monarch Dunes website.

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