Half the fun of hosting long-distance loved ones is making them feel right at home during overnight stays. You want your friends and family to feel comfy, cozy, and even pampered while they’re under your roof. Creating a warm and welcoming guest space is all about the thoughtful little touches that add extra joy to their visit. The good news is that transforming a guest space from okay to amazing doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming project.
Below we’ve listed some simple steps to cozy up your guest room and create the kind of space that will keep your friends and family coming back to stay again and again.
Give the Gift of Space.
Guest rooms tend to accumulate random goods—especially when they’re multi-purpose spaces. Nobody likes to live out of a suitcase, so before your guests arrive, take a moment to clear the clutter and offer sufficient storage space within the room. Make sure there’s space on the closet rod with a variety of hangers, a dresser with empty drawers, and a clear closet floor for shoes and luggage. If your space is too small for a dresser, opt for under-bed storage that slides out for easy access.
Stock Up on Necessities—and Niceties
Whether your guests are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, they may not have room to pack all of the goodies from their bathroom vanity. So they’ll love to see plenty of plush towels and a basket full of essentials like shampoo, conditioner, soap, Q-tips, toothpaste, ibuprofen, band-aids, Kleenex, lotion, and more. If you buy travel-sized items, it won’t break the bank to splurge for lush brands that will make your guests feel extra pampered after a long day of travel.
Comfort is Key.
We all seem to have our own idea of the ideal room temperature, especially for sleeping. (Heat is on high, fan is blowing, seven layers of blankets, and one leg is out on top. That sounds about right.) Whether your guests run hot or cold, you can plan for their comfort by showing them where they can find extra blankets, a space heater, and even a fan to cool the room—which also provides white noise for those who aren’t used to nighttime noises.
Don’t Forget the Lighting.
Guest room lighting is often overlooked, but is key in creating a welcoming space. You want your guests to see as comfortably during the day as when the sun sets. Add bedside lamps—within easy reach of the bed—so that guests can unwind with some light reading at the end of the day. Also keep in mind that while you may be able to make your way through your own space in the dark, your guests most likely will not. Nightlights will help them navigate an unfamiliar space safely at night.
Add a Homey Touch
While you’ll want to keep most of the guest room open and de-cluttered, a few special touches can add personality and warmth to the space. Something as simple as an arrangement of fresh flowers, a special water glass on the nightstand, a cheery throw blanket, or some inspirational wall art can really elevate the space. You may not even need to buy anything new; just re-locate and re-purpose a few items from elsewhere in your home and your guests will feel your hospitality right from the start.
Find Gorgeous Guest Rooms to Fit Your Family and Friends
Searching for a new home that’s ideal for hosting overnight visitors? Whether you’re looking for cozy quarters or room for all of your guests to spread out and relax, there’s a Trilogy floorplan that’s sure to be a perfect fit.
In the Apex floorplan at Trilogy in Summerlin, the guest room is adjacent to a SmartSpace™—a stylish storage room that’s the perfect spot to keep everything your guests will need for a comfortable stay. Show them where the extra blankets, sheets, and towels are stored and let them know that they can make themselves at home and feel free to grab whatever they desire.

Trilogy in Summerlin | Apex Plan

The Connect floorplan from the Freedom 40 Collection at Trilogy Ocala Preserve features two guest bedrooms with a shared bath—an ideal set-up when hosting your adult children and your grandkids. Create a relaxing space for the adults in one room, with magazines and favorite books on the nightstand, and plush pillows on a full or queen-sized bed. Make childhood memories in the adjoining room, with a stuffed animal on each twin bed (with trundles if there are grandkids galore), a basket of coloring books and crayons on the nightstand, and board games and puzzles in the closet.

Trilogy Ocala Preserve | Connect Plan

The casita, or Gen-Next Suite, in the Latigo floorplan of the Ranch Collection at Trilogy Verde River offers the ultimate setup for guest privacy and freedom. This studio space has it’s own private entrance, an optional wet bar, a walk-in closet, and a spa-inspired bath—a truly private space for overnight visitors. Privacy isn’t just nice for your guests. It’s nice for you! When your guests can come and go as they please, you’ll have more freedom to run errands and meal prep while they’re out and about enjoying themselves. You can then feel fully present when you’re back together for quality family time.

Trilogy at Verde River | Latigo Plan

The Graham with Loft floorplan at Trilogy Lake Norman has intimate and inviting guest quarters on the first floor—plus a loft with all kinds of options when you’re hosting a crowd. Leave it as a loft with unfinished storage space and you’ll have an extra spot for guests to relax with a good book, or for the kids to catch a late-night movie while the grown ups mingle downstairs. Convert the storage space to a third bedroom and you’ll have a cozy combo of lounge and sleeping space for your guests. You could even opt to finish the full space as an oversized loft—the ultimate game and entertaining area for guests of all ages, with the option of adding airbeds at the end of the night. The best of both worlds!

Trilogy Lake Norman | Graham Plan

This is just a handful of the Trilogy homes that were designed for entertaining family and friends. Check out all of our floorplans online and find the ideal layout for you and your guests. No matter the size of your space, when you create cozy quarters that show thoughtfulness and care, your loved ones will feel right at home.

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