One of the beauties of homeownership is that you can adjust one home to last you over a variety of seasons of life. Having a family is a big step, and you’ll want to make sure your home can transition as your family does. Here are a few tips to ensure that your home can last through all of the joys and changes that come with an expanding household.

Kitchen Space – We’ve all had moments when you’re just trying to cook a meal, and it feels like your significant other is always in the way, now picture that with kids running around as well. Making sure that one of the most central parts of your house is big enough to remain useful amidst the chaos that can come with a family is key to success. Having casual seating to complement your dining area is great too, that way when breakfast rolls around, the kids can eat at an island or side table rather than prepping a full dining area.

Bedroom Layout – It’s easy to pay attention to how many bedrooms a home has, but an often-overlooked aspect is where those bedrooms are. Experienced parents could tell you the benefits that come from having a split floorplan, where their room isn’t right next to the kids. Now, being close to the kids does have advantages that they are closer if they are in need, but once they’re older, the extra space is usually welcomed by everyone.

Open Concept floor plans – These have become increasingly popular for everyone in recent years but having an open floor plan can be extra beneficial to those with a growing family. Having your living, dining and kitchen areas all open means there is more space for the kids to roam and play, without them leaving your eyesight. They’re also useful for hosting and creating a warm, inviting space all-around.

Stairs and Levels – While there are certainly lots of benefits to having a two-story home, like extra space and separation from the lower level, there can also be disadvantages. With younger kids, stairs can be an extra challenge if not a danger, especially if their bedroom ends up on the second story. Typically the single level home is a lot easier for families with kids, and come with a variety of perks as well.

Yard Space – A spacious yard can feel like a gift from above for parents when the kids are playing in the house. Whether there is cleaning that needs to be done, or just a need for a second of silence, having a good space for the kids to play outside will ease a lot of stress on families. Plus, as your kids get older, the extra space can be used for whatever hobbies they may pick up, especially sports. Many Shea communities, like Prelude at Storyrock, have expansive backyards that can pull double duty as a play space, and a hosting area as well.

Location – While this is more focused for those looking for a new home, it is incredibly important for any growing family. Are there quality schools or daycares in the area? How close is the home to busy streets, parks or businesses that could be bad for your kids? These are just a couple of the questions that you should ask yourself if you’re looking for a good spot for your family. Luckily, Shea has numerous communities located in some of Phoenix’s best neighborhoods and suburbs.

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