We all know how great Arizona weather is in the winter, but what comes with that is some brutal heat in the summer. With the invention of air conditioning, bearing those temperatures has certainly gotten easier, but it can still be difficult to deal with the high temps. Whether you’re trying to enjoy Shea’s expansive backyards, or just managing the heat indoors to keep your electric bill down, here are a few tips and tricks when the Arizona Summer rolls around.

Water, Water, Water – Any Arizonan can stress to you that water is far and away the most important thing to prioritize when it’s hot outside. While it carries great health benefits at any time of year, it is particularly important in the heat. Often times, it gets so hot in Arizona that you may not even feel yourself getting dehydrated, so remember to be proactive in drinking more water than you think you need.

Cold Showers – Remember when your family would yell at you for using all of the hot water while showering? Yeah, that’s a lot easier to avoid in Arizona, because when you walk in from 110 degrees, you don’t really want to hop into a hot shower. If you can’t seem to cool off, a cold shower certainly won’t hurt. Better yet, don’t dry off completely to help you stay cool for longer. Once you’re out, refer back to our first tip and get some ice water. 

Take a Dip – If you’re looking for something more relaxing than a cold shower, a dip in the pool could be just what you need. Be it at your own private pool, or one of Shea Homes’ community pools with your friends and neighbors, going for a swim is one of the oldest ways to cool off from the heat. It certainly doesn’t hurt that you’ll be able to work on your tan while you’re at it. Even in the most brutal temperatures, hangin’ in the pool is a foolproof way to beat the heat.

Blackout Curtains – Heading out of the H2O and to some heat prevention measures, blackout curtains  in the summer months can make a world of difference in your home. While the AC will keep you cool, blackout curtains help by limiting the amount of sun and UV rays that may permeate, which naturally will help keep your home cooler and can take a bit of the stress off of your AC. 

Frozen Snacks – Look, there is nothing wrong with using the heat outside as an excuse to eat a little more ice cream than you usually would. If you are feeling warm, a great way to cool down is to have a frozen snack. Ice cream and popsicles are great choices don’t get us wrong, but if you’re looking for something a bit healthier, there are lots of healthy frozen options to choose from. Sometimes it can feel like no amount of cool air can cool you down, which is why it helps to cool your internal temp first. 

While summers in Arizona are undeniably tough at some points, Shea’s modern, energy efficient homes will help you get through the tough temps and back into the beautiful fall and winter weather. For more information on Shea Homes’, visit our website.

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