You may not always be a big party kind of guy or the girl who could stare up at the stars for hours, but what you are is a chopping wizard, a taster of simmering sauces, a chaser of the perfect cook on even the toughest of meats. But there is more to it. Behind the chef is the belief that food brings people together.

That belief is why Shea3D offers a Kitchen-centric plan—It’s the extra dimension of personalization that allows you to put your passion for food and hospitality at the epicenter of your home’s design.

Modern Kitchen by Scottsdale Home Builders Shea Homes – Arizona

The Kitchen-centric plan features an expansive, centralized kitchen with merged breakfast and dining areas. With a large kitchen island, you have the perfect culinary space to allow your inner chef, host, or foodie enjoy life at home to the fullest. We collaborated with professional chefs to create ideal kitchen workspaces with elegant, high-quality amenities that are built to last.

Kitchen-centric floorplans are offered at any of our Shea3D communities—just look for the Shea3D Dream, Design, Dwell logo. Visit us today to see in person what difference a kitchen and home built with you in mind can make.

For more information about Shea Homes’ communities across the Valley, visit our website or you can call us toll free:1-866-696-7432.  To watch our informational videos, please visit our YouTube channel.  To see our pretty pictures, check out our Instagram. To find out your design style, check out our Houzz. For more information on Shea Homes and what we’re up to in Arizona, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join us for some inspiration on Pinterest.


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