So, I bet you’re wondering what we’re about to announce. Well, we’ll give you a hint. This announcement is for the furry member of your family. (And no, it’s not Dad.) It’s your pet! 

Shea Homes AZ is excited to announce that we now offer built-in pet options for your new home!  In the spirit of pet month, here’s a peek into the options we’ve designed so far for your fluffy friends:

Kitten, bunny, and puppy

No matter which of these resembles your pet the best, we have an option to make your life easier and their lives happier.

Let’s start with the obvious—pet doors. In Arizona it’s not always a good idea to leave your pets outdoors for long periods of time, so now each new Shea Home will offer the option to install a small, medium, or large pet door. And with our commitment to you and your pets, we’ve selected a highly engineered door to ensure quality and safety. 

Could your dog use some exercise? We’ve teamed up with our landscaping TradePartners to offer our second option, a customized outdoor dog run. Dog runs are a great solution for homeowners with pets who like to dig holes, chew up plants or jump on guests. Now you can keep your pet and your petunias healthy and happy. 

Our final pet option is one that appeals to the non-canine lovers among us. Whether you have a trained bunny or a cat, a litter cabinet may be just what you’ve been waiting for. For homeowners who choose this option, we’ll construct a finished opening in an existing laundry room cabinet (where applicable), so your pet has easy access and you and your guests don’t have to see (or smell) the litter box. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are to add an extra bit of hospitality for these members of the family. 

What kind of pet do you own? Which of these options could your family use? Let us know in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you!

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