Any holiday weekend means an opportunity to host your friends and family for some fun and food. For Shea homeowners to get the most out of your Shea Homes® space, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure that your guests feel right at home. With open concept rooms and flexible outdoor areas, your house is sure to become the hosting home (so be careful!).

Open it up – Many of Shea’s communities in Arizona have kitchens and dining/living rooms that flow into each other, making it feel like everyone is sharing the same space. Take advantage of that communal feel when snacking on appetizers or catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. If the weather presents itself, consider opening up the doors to the backyard to widen your space even more and give your guests the option of being outside or in. Some Shea homes even feature multi-slide glass doors that provide a seamless transition from inside to out.

Utilize Your Backyard – With beautiful weather and radiant sunshine nearly year-round, there is ample opportunity to move your gathering outside to get some fresh air and (cue Sheryl Crow) soak up the sun. With pools in many Shea backyards, you can stay cool even on the hottest days. There is also tons of room to set up a nice outdoor kitchen and dining area, so you can grab a delicious burger right off the grill and enjoy it without needing to go in. If you need a few tips on making the most of your yard, check out this blog for more inspiration.

SheaConnect – When you’re hosting a party, you can often find yourself running around trying to make sure that everything is perfect, but with SheaConnect, your life gets a little bit easier. With a variety of devices that are all connected, you can control important parts of your home all from your phone so that things are running smoothly for your friends and family. If you’re in the kitchen cooking but need to unlock the door for a guest, just ask Alexa hands-free to unlock for you. Getting a little hot inside but you’re in the middle of an intense board game? Easily pull out your phone and adjust the temperature to help everyone cool off from the heat of the game.

Cookin’ in the Kitchen – If you’ve read a few blogs, you have probably heard about us rave about Shea’s beautiful kitchens but brace yourself because we are going to again. Few things make hosting easier than having a powerful, spacious kitchen to whip out appetizers and entrees in. With room to prepare and layout your creations, you’ll be able to comfortably continue working on dinner while your guests grab their snacks. EnergyStar® certified appliances can also give you peace of mind that you aren’t spending a fortune on energy while you cook.

Holiday weekends mean decompressing from work and enjoying your loved ones, and a spectacular Shea Home makes that a little bit easier. To find out more about Shea’s communities, check out our website.

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