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Kitchen Organization: Tips for Tidying Up

February 05, 2020 • Denver Area, CO

Keeping your kitchen tidy can feel like an endless task, especially with a full and fast-paced household. That never-ending pile of clutter just seems to reappear no matter how many times you sort through it, right? With a few key tips, tricks, and strategies to help organize your space, you can enjoy the happiness a clean kitchen brings to your home.

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Tips to Make Your Home More Minimalist in 2020

January 16, 2020 • Phoenix Area, AZ

The new year is here, and all of us like to take this opportunity to plan for the year ahead and find ways to better ourselves. While most of us are trying to eat better, exercise more frequently, and read more books, have you considered any quality-of-life upgrades for your home? Perhaps one that will make all your other new habits easier to stick to? Shea Homes® will show you how you can bring a minimalist philosophy into your home.

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