Take a walk in a winter wonderland — inside your own home! During the chilly months ahead, give your house a festive makeover with these five crafts the whole family will love. With help from gorgeous floorplans and a one-of-a-kind community, grab the glitter and get going on a new project.

Paper Snowflakes
Made using scissors and several varieties of sturdy crafting paper, paper snowflakes instantly add a classic look to your holiday decor. Try a few practice rounds with the kiddos to perfect your technique and find your favorite shape and size. Once you’ve created several distinctive patterns, string them throughout the house with a bit of clear fishing wire or colorful ribbon. Give your wide windows a frosty flair by taping as many snowflakes as you like around the top, bottom, and edges.

Mother Daughter Handmaking Paper Snowflakes Getty Images
Handmade Paper Snowflakes

Cranberry and Popcorn Garlands
With seasonal popularity dating back to the 1800s, both popcorn and cranberries are widely adored as holiday decorations due to their long shelf life, eye-catching colors, and snacking fun factor. To incorporate this tradition into your winter decor, all you’ll need is a needle, strong thread or wire, and several bags of fresh popcorn and cranberries. In a kitchen from Shea Homes, practice your popping technique with help from brand-new appliances and spacious countertops. Alternating between popcorn and berries, slowly string each piece until your garland reaches your desired length. This winter, deck your halls with a zero-waste garland that can be composted when the holidays are over.

Cranberry Popcorn Garland Getty Images
Cranberry and Popcorn Garland

Glitter Snow Globes
Break out the glitter and gather your immediate family in a gorgeous great room. At Solstice, spacious floorplans invite you to relax and unwind while you work on your favorite winter projects. To craft glittery snow globes, you’ll need several one-pint Mason jars, super glue, festive figurines, glycerin, and as much glitter as you can stand. Once you’ve gathered your supplies online or at your local craft store, construct your snow globes and display them among the holiday decorations around your home. Add sparkle to your living space by shaking them up and watching them settle in front of an optional crackling fireplace.

DIY Snow Globe Getty Images
DIY Snow Globe

Pinecone Ornaments
While your family takes a stroll around the scenic Solstice community, keep your eyes open for pretty pinecones that line your path. When you walk along the iconic High Line Canal that weaves through the neighborhood, you’ll spot a range of sizes and colors that are perfect for decorating. At home, unpack your pinecones and prepare to personalize them with a pop of color. Add a dollop of liquid craft glue — that remains white when dried — to a few of the ends of your pinecones. When the glue sets, each cone will display a fun and frosty effect. You can even capture the magic of the holidays by adding glitter or food coloring to your glue before applying it to your pinecones! When your project is complete, consider giving these glitzy gifts to your neighbors to celebrate the natural beauty of the Solstice community.

Handmade Pinecone Ornaments Getty Images
Handmade Pinecone Ornaments

Greeting Cards
Whether you’re planning to send warm tidings, holiday greetings, or thoughtful thank-yous, do it with a card you craft by hand. You’ll find dozens of paper options to choose from while shopping online or at your local craft store. Stick to a central theme like candy canes or reindeer, or purchase enough paper to make each card unique. Cut out adorable mitten shapes or glue on a few buttons to bring a snowman to life. Once you’ve mastered your paper snowflake technique, enclose a few miniature versions to animate your card with a bit of snow. When your card is complete, share photos from your fun and active lifestyle at Solstice. Your friends and family will love receiving snapshots of your kiddos making snow angels and building igloos around the neighborhood!

Handmade Holiday Cards Getty Images
Handmade Holiday Cards

When you live at Solstice, creative floorplans, optional features, and a breathtaking community make it easy for your family to enjoy your time spent indoors. Decorate your home with traditional garlands or shake things up with glittery snow globes — whatever you decide to do in the coming weeks, don’t forget to share photos of your projects with your neighbors on Instagram!

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