Cold weather? No problem! Colorado skies never stay cloudy for long but use these tips to keep your mood and home cozy.

Incorporate Light
The go-to choice for those who love light, candles can bring any room to life. Consider wood wick candles that not only look stunning as they burn, but also create a slight popping noise to simulate a crackling fire. With warming winter scents like pine, cinnamon, and peppermint, candles are a stellar way to add a soft glow to your space.

Family Room Decor Candles Getty Images

When you buy from Shea Homes®, you’ll find dozens of optional features to make your home unlike any other. Opt for a cozy fireplace that effortlessly warms your space, then gather in the great room to share mugs of hot apple cider and welcome winter with your family.

Solstice Stargaze Morningside Great Room

String lights are a charming way to incorporate a glow in the bedrooms throughout your home. Get creative by hanging softly-flashing lights, multi-colored bulbs, and strings that include miniature clothespins that will hold your favorite family photos.

Bedroom String Lights Decor Getty Images

Cozy Blankets
While your family spends much-deserved downtime at home, consider knitting your own blankets. Allow your family to choose the colors that reflect their personalities — as well as the material that brings them the most comfort. When you entertain close friends and family for the holidays, they’ll love wrapping up in your handcrafted cozy throws.

As you work on your blankets in the coming months, be sure to place your knitting baskets at a safe distance from the fireplace in your great room. Baskets not only provide easy storage for your balls of yarn and other accessories, but they also add a thoughtful and home-y aesthetic to your interior decor.

Woman Knitting Blanket Chair Getty Images

Display Greeting Cards
Capture a warm and fuzzy feeling by surrounding yourself with messages from your loved ones. Break out your favorite greeting cards from past holidays, birthdays, and special occasions to string around your doorways and place on your side tables. While you lounge around on lazy Sundays, consider creating a festive display complete with boughs of holly and votive candles.

Young Girl handcrafted Holiday Cards Getty Images

To spread cheer among your neighbors in your Shea community, consider handcrafting your own unique greeting cards. Now more than ever, you may want to take time to relax and connect with those who mean the most to you. Whether you give or receive them, a handwritten note that doubles as a one-of-a-kind piece of art is the perfect way to add warmth and cheer to your home this winter.

All Shea homes are expertly crafted to deliver a personalized buying and living experience. With brand-new designs and plenty of optional features, you’ll love putting your personal touch on your space. Be sure to follow these interior decor tips to help you create a warm winter feeling that your family can enjoy throughout the new year. Contact us to discuss availability and begin your purchasing process!

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