Our aesthetic taste is as unique as we are; while your partner may prefer a minimalistic interior design, you might like a living space full of eclectic touches. No matter your preferences, your Stepping Stone™ home is the perfect canvas for your creative style. Designed with thoughtful architectural detail and contemporary finishes, Stepping Stone’s soaring three-story floorplans offer over two thousand square feet of space for living, working, and relaxing. Read on for design inspiration for making your new dream home uniquely you.

Can’t decide on one aesthetic that seems right for you? No need to choose! With an eclectic style, feel free to mix and match design styles within the same room. Create a visual feast by incorporating funky prints on the walls, accented by fun patterns on curtains, accent pillows, wallpaper, and pops of color from lamps or rugs. Try contrasting styles against each other, like a Moroccan print bohemian rug next to a sleek mid-century sofa. An eclectic style proves that when it comes to outfitting a beautiful home, you can never have too much of a good thing.

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Take inspiration for a cozy style from the Scandinavian term hygge, which means cultivating a warm atmosphere in your home for comfort and well-being. Scandinavian homes seeking hygge are often painted in soft colors meant to ease your worries, like soft blues, pinks, whites, and earth tones. Mix and match soothing textures, like fur, velvet, wool, and linen to create a sensory smorgasbord. For a warm, inviting glow, try incorporating flameless tea lights or lanterns around the home. No matter the times outside, your cozy Stepping Stone™ home can be a serene retreat from all your worries and cares.

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Are you someone for whom every household object belongs in its proper place? If so, a design style that values organization and order might be right for you. Try a label maker to clearly demarcate what belongs where or utilize creative storage solutions like hanging closet shoe racks or under-bed storage for maximum efficiency. Fortunately, Stepping Stone homes offer plenty of space and storage to keep clutter to an absolute minimum, as in this organized laundry room from Plan 2202. You can disguise undesirable plastic or cardboard boxes by using rattan or fiber storage bins or keep your things visible by mounting a bar or rack in the kitchen to keep your most frequently utilized utensils within reaching distance.

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A rustic design is all about bringing the outdoors in. Rustic homes often incorporate natural textures and materials, like wood, rattan, leather, and stone, to create a seamless synthesis between natural and manmade. Take inspiration from the native grasses that thrive in your Shea Homes® community and place vases of dried grasses or flowers around your home to echo a swaying meadow. Rock textures, like granite, marble, and onyx, create a Zen atmosphere that bridges diverse aesthetics like farmhouse and modern. A reclaimed wood dining or coffee table brings the forest to your spacious living room, while also saving timber from ending up in a landfill. Win-win!

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Minimalist modern
Homes with a minimalistic modern aesthetic know the maxim well: less is more. The key to a minimalistic modern aesthetic is to keep rooms furnished lightly, with only necessary and high-quality furniture. Picture your home as a modern art gallery: what pieces will guests see and admire? This style is appropriate for those tired of furnishings obscuring the clean architectural lines and finishes of a beautiful space. Fortunately, all three models in the Crescendo Collection at Stepping Stone provide modern design and simplicity in their unique three-story urban styles, in addition to optional luxurious touches like a sleek fireplace in the living room. Pare down the noise and let your space shine!

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No matter whether your taste is rustic, minimalist, cozy, or hyper-organized, create the interior space of your dreams in the stunning setting of your new Crescendo at Stepping Stone™ home. To tour your future design paradise, visit our website or call 303.791.4387 today.

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