No matter the weather, Coloradans celebrate the outdoors like no one else — but we especially embrace the warmth of summer days and the cool breezes of summer nights. Shea Homes helps homeowners make the most of outdoor living by having patios and porches with many of our homes — then the customization is up to you. Read on to discover perfect DIY projects for the whole family that will make this your best patio season yet.

As with all outward-facing decor, please check with your local Architectural Review Committee or HOA before getting started.

Pure Comfort
Little tweaks can go a long way toward making your porch a pleasant gathering place for you, your kids, and even neighbors who might drop by. A wicker loveseat can be made more comfortable and welcoming with well-placed throw pillows and a light blanket for cool Colorado evenings. Add an area rug, maybe a little side table for cold drinks, and don’t forget a dog bed for your pup. Creature comforts make a lazy afternoon on the porch something your whole family will enjoy.

Wicker Patio Furniture Getty Images

It’s Easy Being Green
Adding planters to your back patio doesn’t need to cost a fortune. DIY your own stylish boxes and plant low-water greenery to bring a hint of nature right up to your door. Repurpose old furniture, hammer together a few stray boards, buy a couple small rain gutters and paint them bright colors, or just dig through the old stuff in your garage that you can reuse by filling with soil and charm. Put the kids in charge of watering the plants when they need it, giving them the satisfaction of helping things grow.

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Doormats are DIY
Doormats aren’t just for shoe-cleaning before entering the house — you can also use them as colorful and welcoming additions to decks, patio doors, and even the steps down to the yard. Make or decorate mats together, or hold a contest between each family member's creation. A few ideas to try include painting on a dollar store mat, putting together flat and smooth river stones on a rubber base, or even gluing plastic screw tops from bottles to a mesh base for the perfect drip-dry spot for summer puddle splashing shoes. Repurpose a leaky old garden hose or paint leftover pieces of 1" x 2" wood in rainbow colors and connect them with metal rods. Children will love the creative aspect of making something so useful!

Welcome Doormat Getty Images

Keep it Cool
Shield your back patio from the sun with decorative umbrellas or cool things down with water features such as bird baths or zen gardens. The whole family can get involved in creating a DIY water fountain that’s both fun and elegant.

Backyard Waterfall Getty Images

If you've been dreaming of fun family-made touches for that special patio, a Shea home is the perfect choice. Contact us today to find your future patio season hangout!

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