Hot weather and hot stoves make for an uncomfortable combination in the steamy summer months. As you ponder meals for warm and sunny days, we’ve collected four tasty no-cook ideas for breakfast that won’t overheat your home. These four nourishing recipes come together in just minutes in your Shea Homes kitchen.

Berry Smoothie Bowls
Start your morning with these smoothie bowls that are filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Put about a cup of mixed berries into your blender along with a banana and a few tablespoons of your choice of milk, then blend until smooth — using more milk if necessary. Transfer the smoothie to a wide bowl and sprinkle on toppings such as hemp hearts and dried coconut. Eat immediately at your kitchen island while taking in the lovely sunrise from your wide windows!

Smoothie Granola Berry Bowl Getty Images

Savory Toast
This nutrient-packed breakfast makes for a healthy weekend brunch with your family at the dining room table. Protip: You can skip the hassle of toasting by choosing a crusty artisanal loaf of bread as your base. Begin by spreading each slice with hummus, soft cheese, or smashed avocado, then layer on a protein like smoked salmon or sliced hard-boiled egg. Finally, add salt and pepper to taste and — optionally — fresh herbs or microgreens. Our mouths are watering just thinking about biting in!

Avocado Hummus Tomato Toast Getty Images

Chocolate Overnight Oats
Perfect for a meal-prep breakfast, take these overnight oats on-the-go for your commute to work or indulge from the comfort of home. In a sealable jar or container, combine a half cup of rolled oats, two tablespoons of cocoa powder, a dash of salt, and a cup of your preferred milk. Place the mixture in your fridge overnight before serving with a small handful of chocolate chips, sliced banana, and peanut butter — or eat as is. Decadent and healthy? Sign us up!

Overnight Oats Berries Getty Images

Greek Yogurt and Granola
To whip up this simple treat, you’ll require only two ingredients that you probably already have stocked at home. Start by putting a half cup of your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt into a cereal bowl. If you’re using plain, sweeten by mixing in a teaspoon or two of honey or maple syrup. Top with your preferred granola as well as fresh fruit and a drizzle of nut butter if desired. You’ll be outside on your porch enjoying this refreshing summertime breakfast in no time.

Bowl Oat Granola Yogurt Fresh Berries Getty Images

Summer heat might be leaving you exhausted and in no mood for warm dishes, but each of these four breakfast ideas will keep you cool and nourished at home. Let us know which you like the best — and be sure to chat with the Shea team about our kitchen floorplans and available neighborhoods.

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