You’ve found the perfect new Shea Home. You’ve selected your floorplan and options, construction is almost done, a closing date has been set, and now the only thing standing between you and your dream home is the house you’re currently living in.

If you declutter, make lists, and clean the easy-to-overlook spots in your house, you’ll not only impress at showings, but you’ll help make your move painless, too.

Declutter As Soon As Possible
Less is more when potential buyers are walking through your home. Minimizing the visibility of personal items lets others see how the house will suit their lives, but it also has the added perk of helping you purge items before your move. Choosing what to sell, donate, and toss ensures that you won’t move unnecessary items. Don’t forget to go through your hidden storage areas like the attic or crawl space as well! Get rid of unwanted items by holding a garage sale or donating them to local thrift stores.

Organize Like a Pro
When you tidy up your home, you’re not only creating a gorgeous place for others to tour and potentially purchase –– you’re setting a precedent for your new one. Shea Homes are designed for families at every stage in life and include plenty of storage space from kitchen cabinets to linen closets — but you may have to get creative with your storage and organization while you’re selling. Using drawer organizers, doubling up on clothes hangers, and adding cord keepers can help keep things tidy during showings, and then transition into clever storage for your new home!

Clean Spots You May Overlook
When you’re in the routine of cleaning your home, you may be missing a few spots in your weekly wipe-downs. The walls, the bottom of your oven, and your refrigerator grille are easy to overlook, but cleaning even the hardest spots will make a big difference in how you present your home to buyers.

Deep Clean Your Furniture
Believe us, deep cleaning your furniture will benefit you as you’re selling and moving. Odors and pet stains can turn off potential buyers as even the smallest blemish can make your otherwise tidy home look ragged. Cleaning your couch depends on the fabric, but generally you can steam, vacuum, spot clean, refresh, and banish odors to make your sofa look bright and new.

Make a Moving Checklist
The idea of moving may be overwhelming, but if you break your tasks down into a to-do list you’ll be able to tackle them efficiently. Starting your moving list 60 days ahead of the big day will save you from the last-minute stress of forgetting to have expensive items appraised, being unable to find a storage unit, or finding important records like your closing documents.
Shea Homes builds stunning models throughout Colorado, and if you’re moving in your own city or across the country, your transition can be relatively stress-free if you remember tasks that might help you on the day of the move. This means things like packing your moving truck with future unpacking in mind, making appointments to install cable and internet, and setting up your bed as soon as you arrive. The small things can make the biggest difference.
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