Craft Ideas for Every Age
Summer has come to Colorado, which means sunny days full of plentiful free time — especially for kiddos out of school. Keep them free of summer boredom with these four craft ideas that are appropriate for everyone from toddlers to teens. Read on and get ready to use the ample counter space in your Shea Homes® kitchen or great room — after you set down some plastic for easy clean-up, of course — and get those creative juices flowing!

Kid with Painted Hands Getty Images

Watercolor Painting
Create a fun memory with your little ones and stimulate their art awareness with this chic watercolor craft inspired by Monet’s famous paintings of water lilies. All you’ll need is paper, a set of kid-friendly watercolor paints, a few paintbrushes, and a paint palette. First, spend a little time admiring Monet’s water lilies, noting his colors and style. Then create your own version that’s sure to be a refrigerator masterpiece!

Kid Water Coloring Getty Images

Paper Butterflies
You and your kids might have made paper snowflakes around Christmas, but what about paper butterflies for summer like in this cute craft project? To make these fluttery friends, take any variety of paper and trim into a square. Fold the square in half, then repeat to create four layers. Trim along the left edge to create the rough outline of a butterfly wing, then fold the lower left corner diagonally to meet the center of the butterfly shape. Cut along the fold to create interesting patterns to adorn your butterfly’s wings, then unfold and admire! As a thoughtful follow-up, take a walk through the acres of natural space around your Shea Homes® property and compare your art to real butterflies.

Blue Paper Butterflies Getty Images

Rock Painting
To encourage exploration and exercise, take a walk with your kids and find small, flat rocks to paint. Rinse to remove dirt, let dry, then grab some acrylic paints and a paintbrush to begin! For younger kids, simple figures like ladybugs or flowers will be best — but older teens can experiment with more complex designs, like these adorable painted owls. Display their creations by the welcoming entrance of your Shea Home® to greet family and guests alike with a fun surprise.

Painted Rocks Getty Images

Sand Art Jars
For this craft you’ll need small jars or glass cups, glue, a pencil, and several different colors of dyed sand (buy at a craft store or dye your own using a combination of chalk and salt). Use a folded piece of paper to pour a small layer of sand into the bottom of the jar, tapping softly to even it out. Add layers until the jar is almost full. To create wavy patterns, slowly slide a pencil to the bottom of the jar then pull out. To seal your sand creation, pour a layer of glue on top and let set. No mess, no stress!

Little Girl Making Sand Art Jars Getty Images

No matter their age, kids will appreciate these classic and creative crafts as a way to pass lazy summer days. Alleviate boredom and stoke creativity — all from the comfort of your beautiful Shea home.

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