Interior Decor and Design to Boost Productivity
Wearing fuzzy slippers and having the family pets as coworkers are among the many benefits of working and studying from home. While it can be fun to lounge around while completing tasks, keep productivity and focus levels high with gorgeous and functional interior design. Continue reading for decorating tips to foster a studious and efficient environment.
Comfortable Seating
After breakfast, settle into your morning with help from comfortable seating — remember to choose a chair that supports your body *and* complements your office decor. To save space, consider sleek designs that can be neatly tucked into your desk. Add extra chairs or a modern bench to host study buddies and project partners, as appropriate seating will encourage concentration while tackling challenging homework assignments. Spacious floorplans at The Canyons™, Solstice™, Whispering Pines™, and Stepping Stone™ offer private studies perfect for staying on-task throughout the day. Explore available designs by Shea HomesⓇ to find the right home for your family.

Solstice Trails Edge Tallgrass Study

Spacious Desks
Tailor your work surface to your personal taste and to your family’s needs, with built-in desks that provide ample room for your kids to spread out to work on science experiments and art projects. To protect them during the school year, opt for simple surfaces that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. For a boost in storage and organization, a stand-alone desk with filing cabinets provides quick access to your important documents. Keep your floor space open and create an airy environment by choosing a desk or table with simple legs that leaves room at your feet. The family dog will thank you for the new napping space!

Solstice Trails Edge Meadowview Study

Brilliant Lighting
As you spend more time at home, consider the effect of lighting on your work and study habits — the experts suggest placing your desk under bright lighting or next to sunny windows. Beyond overhead lights, illuminate your office with desk lamps: Proper lighting can reduce the strain on your eyes and help the students in your family stay awake during long Zoom lectures. A simple floor lamp can provide softer lighting and even improve your sleeping patterns! Keeping your study well-lit will remind your brain it’s time to work, while a darker space might encourage afternoon snoozing. At Shea HomesⓇ enjoy innovative lighting and gorgeous windows that allow natural light to fill your home. Plus, you’ll love taking a study break to let fresh air float in while you peer out at the gorgeous Colorado sky!

Solstice Stargaze Twilight Study

Cork, Chalk, and White Boards
While designing your study area, consider using your wall space to help you stay organized — classic cork boards are the perfect place to post sticky notes, personal reminders, and important documents. Simulate the classroom setting by installing chalk or white boards with sprawling writing surfaces to help you host brainstorming sessions and take notes during meetings. Have fun drawing on the walls while creating the family calendar, appointment reminders, and chore charts that can be easily erased and replaced.

Canyons Reserve Traditions Study

Snazzy Storage
Whether you opt for built-in or freestanding furniture, install shelving or bookcases for attractive storage and organization. Keep school supplies and work documents safely stowed in drawers, decorative boxes, and cabinets. Assigning a specific space for your family’s essentials will help your students be on time for class and prepared for the day. For a refreshing take on shelving, consider adding trendy units — like cubbies — under built-in desks and reading benches. Make the most of your wall space by extending your shelves and cabinets to the ceiling, where award-winning projects and dioramas can be proudly displayed.

Canyons Luxe Hyde Study

Shea Homes makes it easier to tackle the school year. Keep motivation high and spirits soaring by designing a stunning study space — comfortable furniture plus plenty of light helps you stay focused while increasing productivity. Handy organization and storage systems allow you to own the week while your family works and studies from home. Contact us to schedule your guided virtual tour or private in-person tour at your favorite Shea Homes community!

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