If you're heading to the gorgeous Stepping Stone™ pool near the Lantern House, you'll want to bring enough snacks to fuel your aquatic adventures. Balance sweet, savory, protein, fruits, and veggies for energy that will take you through your entire afternoon of fun. Read on for three snack ideas you can take to the pool — or anywhere else you may be stepping out to this summer.

Trail Re-Mix
Most of us have childhood memories involving a mix of sweet and salty munchies where we picked out the pieces we liked best. Why not customize your own combinations to taste in a portable way? Choose your favorite ingredients and form them into a bar for an easy-to-hold and nutrient-packed snack. Melt 1/2 cup peanut butter and 1/3 cup honey in the microwave, stirring frequently. Next, toss with whatever nuts, dried fruits, and grains you prefer. Let cool to room temperature then add chocolate, butterscotch, or other candy pieces. Press the mixture into a baking dish lined with parchment and refrigerate for at least two hours. Cut into bars, throw in a container, and you're ready to go!

Trail Mix Bar Getty Images

Bento That Box
We love bento boxes for lunches and traditional bento plates for dinner, so use that same genius to assemble snack bentos! A Mediterranean-themed snack pack could include pita slices, individual hummus cups, carrots, grapes, and cucumbers. If you want to go sweet, try one that's fruit-forward with strawberries, apple slices, grapes, and vanilla yogurt. If Tex-Mex is more your thing, pack tortilla chips, salsa, sliced red and green peppers, and cheddar cheese cubes. With everything in one place, each person will be set for an afternoon of nutritious goodies!

Healthy Bento Box Snack Getty Images

Roll It Up
Who doesn't love finger foods? Use tortillas or flattened bread slices to make endless varieties of snacks! Spread peanut butter on a tortilla, roll it around a banana and cut into circles for easy-to-grab nibbles. Or, trim the crusts from a slice of whole wheat bread, flatten with a rolling pin or drinking glass, then wrap around turkey and cheddar, cucumber and cream cheese, or even peanut butter and jelly.

Ham Cheese Sandwich Rolls Getty Images

You can take these treats anywhere, but they’re best enjoyed next to a beautiful pool in a welcoming neighborhood. Come take a look at Stepping Stone near Parker, Colorado and treat yourself to the home of your dreams — we can't wait to help you find it!

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