Out with heavy slow cooker braises, in with light and refreshing seasonal cuisine! As the seasons change and warm weather is on the horizon, you might be thinking about mixing up your at-home menus. Hot days mean cool recipes — and maybe even barbeques on your patio. Read on for three summer-inspired recipes to cook in your Solstice kitchen that are simple, creative, and sure to please.
Chicken Salad Summer Rolls
Weeknight dinners can be stressful affairs — you just walked in the door from work and now you have to turn your attention to putting a meal on the table for your family. Stress no more: Summer rolls are a satisfying and nourishing dish that comes together in minutes! To make chicken salad summer rolls, you’ll only need a base of chicken salad, some leafy greens, and rice paper wrappers. If you happened to grill juicy chicken breasts on your Solstice patio over the weekend, mix a little mayonnaise and chopped celery into your cold leftovers to make a fresh homemade chicken salad! After dipping a rice paper wrapper in water, add your other ingredients to the center and roll to form — you can eat as-is or pair with your favorite herb-forward sauce.

Chicken Salad Spring Rolls Getty Images

Tomato Galette
This one might sound intimidating, but it requires little more than combining pantry staples you already have stocked in your kitchen. For the pastry, mix together two cups of flour with a stick of butter and a sprinkle of salt. Allow the crust of your tomato galette to chill in your refrigerator while you prepare the other components. Cut one or two large tomatoes into thick slices — we say heirloom tomatoes are best for achieving the ultimate rustic look — then arrange them on your rolled-out pastry along with minced garlic and your choice of grated cheese. Bake for about an hour and serve warm or cold with chopped chives. You’re sure to impress any dinner guests with the look and flavor of this savory tart!

Tomato Galette Getty Images

BLT Pasta Salad
Pasta salad is a go-to for summer gatherings like potlucks with friends and family meals on holidays. Most recipes rely on mayonnaise to create a creamy sauce, but if you’re looking for a crisper take on the classic try out a BLT pasta salad instead! Instead of mayo, olive oil brings this dish together. To begin, cook your favorite type of short pasta al dente and drain. Then combine with one diced red onion, around eight slices of chopped cooked bacon, and a handful of sliced tomatoes — you can even toss with arugula or your leafy green of choice. This pasta salad will keep for a few days in the fridge, which means you have a ready-made and tasty lunch for your kids after a leisurely morning hike along the High Line Canal. Will you eat outside on your porch or enjoy it at your kitchen island?

Kale Romaine Pasta Salad BLT Getty Images

We love how our residents make their Solstice kitchens the heart of their homes over the summer. Which recipe is making your mouth water?

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