Gym, office, guest room, play room—what will it be? The moment you realize you’ll have some additional space in your new home, you start thinking about the possibilities of what it could be used for. In the last year, we’ve had to spend more time at home than usual. This probably meant having to sacrifice the original purpose of your extra room and letting it become an exaggerated version of a “junk drawer.” Now that things are starting to resemble some type of normal, we’re challenging you to reclaim that space.

Settling into a new home at Shea Homes® means you probably have some extra square footage to spare! Not sure how to utilize that area? Here are some tips on how to make the most of that ✨  extra space✨.

Maximize Space for Maximum Productivity 

Theory Plan 4 Model Bedroom
Theory Plan 4 Model Bedroom

The best way to open up your office? By letting it all hang out—seriously! Instead of hiding your work stuff behind clunky closed cabinets and drawers, put it on display. Not only will it keep you accountable to maintain organization, but you can style it to make it look like sophisticated home decor. Start with a freestanding bookcase and add ornately framed photos of your friends and family, cute knick-knacks, and trays and file boxes to hold your important documents.

The space you save could result in room enough for your own cushy lounge area perfect for breaks and much-needed “you” time. Having a dedicated, separate space for your creative outlet, office work, or bills will help you “turn off” and wind down at the end of the day, so you can truly enjoy your home life.

Do Your Home-Work and Create the Perfect Study!

Langston Plan 1 Home-Work Room
Langston Plan 1 Home-Work Room

However you furnish your extra room, make it intentional. This space in the Langston Plan 1 model may be a kid’s room, but it’s purpose is very clear: to double as the perfect study space! Teens need a spot to noodle on their best ideas and away from any other distractions. Giving them their own area in the home to focus will increase their motivation, productivity, and get the creative juices flowing.

Lovely Lofts for Lofty Goals

Langston Plan 3 Loft
Langston Plan 3 Loft

We love an open, airy, and super cool loft space to work with! And there’s SO MUCH you can do with all of that extra room. Homework area, office space, media room, craft room, home gym...the sky's the limit and you have full creative reign. Need some inspiration? Click HERE for more ideas!

Whether you’re in need of a secluded place to be productive, chill out, or have a craft session, you’ll be happy that the extra space is prepared for whatever you need it to be. To find your new Shea home with all the square footage you need, check out our neighborhoods now selling throughout the Bay Area.
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