Quiz: What’s Your Interior Design Style? 

Whether you’re daydreaming of building a new house or you find yourself in the process of making your dreams a reality, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the interior design style options. From creating a floorplan that fits your lifestyle, to picking out the finishing details such as flooring, lighting and bathroom fixtures, you’ll have a much easier time pulling it all together if you have a good sense of what home décor style makes you feel happy and at ease. Take our quiz and discover your interior design style! 


Take our quiz and discover what interior design style fits your lifestyle and personal aesthetic!



Traditional: You feel coziest when you are surrounded by a color palette of natural tones, including warm reds, deep browns and soft to dark (but not bright) greens. Traditional design is all about using traditional comforts of the past in an up-to-date décor style. Consider using carpet to keep rooms cozy and window treatments to frame your windows. Traditional interior design typically involves tried and true materials such as oak or cherry woods, matte metal fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom and a variety of lighting options to brighten or warmly dim a room.  




Contemporary: You appreciate big open spaces, abstract art and clean lines in structures and in furniture. Contemporary design is all about minimizing the clutter and highlighting one, striking detail. Consider clean tile floors and glossy kitchen or bathroom counters to create a sleek look that seamlessly moves from one room to the next. Contemporary interior design typically uses neutral tones with colorful points of interest coming from an accent wall, a large featured piece of art or a vibrant rug on the floor.  






Eclectic:  You’re a collector and you love to mix and match different elements from all types of décor styles. Eclectic design is free-spirited and incorporates texture, color, and variety into one vibrant, but uniquely, cohesive flow. Consider using neutral colors on the walls to create a clean backdrop for your curated collection of furniture and art. You can also look to your home’s fixed features, like the lighting, to anchor a look or play off a contrasting, yet complementary décor pairing.  




Coastal: You love the beach, warm breezes, easy comfort, and being surrounded by natural light. Coastal design is all about pale neutral colors like light blues and shades of sand-inspired cream, khaki or beige. This is also an interior design lifestyle that truly embraces bringing the outdoors in and indoors out, with large outdoor living spaces. Consider choosing a layout that allows for floods of natural light to pour in, big outdoor living room, BBQ areas, and an open-concept floorplan. Finishing touches for fixtures in a coastal home can include light wood floors, matte stainless steel faucets and appliances, and all-white cabinetry in the kitchen.  



Modern Farmhouse 


Modern Farmhouse: You love a good piece of antique Americana furniture (or a DIY option) and you also love the look of a rustic dining table with a mix of chairs around it. Modern farmhouse design is a little bit country, a little bit modern and all about cozy. Consider adding fixtures that are inspired by an old country farm, like barn-style lighting, sliding barn doors, and a pot filler faucet over the stove. Whitewashed walls make for an amazing backdrop to antique furniture finds and wrought iron details. To bring color in, decorate your space with colorful art, pillows, and rugs.



Which kitchen feels like it would quickly turn into your family’s hub? 


Which type of flooring catches your eye?


Which bathroom style is your dream escape? 


Which living room feels like your ideal entertaining space? 


Which cabinets are your favorite? 


The light fixtures in a room should be: 


Formal dining spaces are: 


Which bedroom is your ideal sanctuary? 

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