When you move into a new home, trying to make it look fabulous can be pretty overwhelming. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I even start? How can I bring this room together?” It seems like a challenging task, but we’ve got good news! The simplest touches will go a long way when it comes to decorating your home.

The Courts at Baker Ranch Plan 4 Living Room

Plants are a great way to make an empty room look fuller, more complete, and alive! Whether you’re filling a bare spot in the corner with a beautiful potted plant, or placing succulents on your coffee table, greenery is a simple solution to get the heart of a room pumping.

The Courts at Baker Ranch Plan 4 Staircase

Shelving can add brilliant dimension to any room, and with so many design possibilities you can’t go wrong. Try getting creative with the placement of your shelves and go for the unexpected when choosing knick-knacks to set upon them. You’ll love the final results!

Crestline at Baker Ranch Plan 1 Backyard

Patio Furniture is the key to making a yard look inviting, but that doesn’t mean you need to have an expert flair for interior design. Neutral furniture with bright pops of color, some ornamental lighting, and an oversized umbrella for shade will create a relaxing space to enjoy with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

 Crestline at Baker Ranch Plan 1 Office

Picture Frames are one of the simplest ways to bring your blank spaces to life! Fill your walls with family photos or your favorite pieces of art to give your home that personal touch. Choose a theme like black & white or nature-inspired to bring added cohesion.


Lighting is something that can be easily overlooked when brainstorming decor for your new home. Go bold and pick a light fixture that adds some pizazz to your living room, or catches the eyes of your party guests when they walk into the foyer.

Alondra at Esencia Plan 1 Backyard

Fountains are both relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, and there’s nothing like laying out by the pool with a fountain trickling in the background. Place a fountain in both yards for a spritz of elegance and class.

Let the decorating begin!

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