The quote. “Home is where your mom is” [click-to-tweet this saying!] goes without saying. Moms have an uncanny ability to identify how to make a house a home – from creating an eye-catching gallery wall, to planning the perfect space for family gatherings, or making clever home improvements so the house can maintain its “hominess” with time. While moms have a certain knack for making a house feel like a home (dads do too!), their real magic is in the way they can provide warmth and comfort unlike anyone else in almost anything they do.


After moving out (and possibly into a house of your very own) and mom isn’t physically there to ease our anxieties or kiss our boo-boo’s, we find other things that remind us of her. Whether it is old jewelry or a hand-sewed quilt, there is one thing that mom is always remembered for – her cooking! When it comes to food, there is no Michelin star rating that beats a home-cooked meal by mom. In fact, we tend to overlook complexity — and sometimes even overall taste — when it comes to mom’s cooking because no matter what type of cook your mom is, there are certain recipes you crave, just to feel at home.

There will always be a place in your heart for your own mom’s cooking, but her secret recipes that call for heavy cream or make casseroles look like the most popular food trend might need some updating before you’re ready to dish it up on your family’s dinner table.  With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we’ve identified three recipes that add a modern twist to classic dishes moms are notorious for. If you’re not able to physically celebrate with mom this year, get her to share her “secret” recipe and give it a little update, or use the ones below for a fresh take on home-cooking.

1. Mom’s (lightened-up) Mac-and-Cheese

Most of us had our first taste of mac-and-cheese before our elbows could reach the table. That’s why this dish brings back childhood memories of mom throwing together a quick, convenient meal between after-school sports and bath time. Unfortunately, as we have matured into adults and outgrown our childhood metabolism, mac-and-cheese is now typically a splurge meal for many of us. To provide you with a dish that resonates with your heart (and your belly), here is a lightened-up mac-and-cheese recipe from A Pinch of Yum that incorporates squash and caramelized onions to give that childhood cheesiness a grown-up flavor and the nutritional benefits your body demands.


2. Mom’s BBQ Meatloaf

Many comfort foods that remind us of mom are often enjoyed indoors by the fireplace during cold winter months. Just like a hug from mom, we feel a warm and cozy feeling after enjoying a plate of these familiar foods. However, as the summer temperatures begin to rise, we look to escape the heat of the oven and head outside the home to fire up those grills for BBQ season. This honey-barbeque meatloaf by Andie Mitchell takes a traditional dish from mom’s kitchen outside to the grill for summer. Andie actually adapted this recipe from her own mom, giving it the “mother knows best”stamp of approval.


3. Apple Pie Tartlets (like Mom’s, but bite-sized)

Nothing comes as home-made-from-mom’s-kitchen as apple pie. Moms since the 1500’s have been baking up this confectionary concoction of comfort. Many of us claim that our mom’s recipe is hands-down the best, until we discover that her secret ingredient includes an extra dollop of butter or heavy cream! Our Mother’s Day gift to you – bite-sized apple pie tartlets from A Taste of Home. Complete your Mother’s Day celebration with these mini-sized versions of mom’s classic dessert that mirror mom’s attentiveness to detail – not too big, not too small, but just right.


This Mother’s Day, celebrate mom by trying one of these classic recipes, or a meal that is unique to your mom and your family. If you can’t be with mom physically, preparing her famous dish is sure warm your insides and bring a smile to your face.

Don’t forget to pin the recipes above that remind you of your mom so you can whip them up year-round!



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