More than just blooms and sunnier days, spring and summer months often bring a rush of “for sale” signs popping up around the neighborhood. The influx of homes on the market can cause homeowners to wonder – should I be selling my home? Although the situation and timing is different for everyone, the thought of making a change can be at once exciting and overwhelming. So, before you give in to the herd mentality, here are a few signs to confirm that yes, it might be time to sell your home.

  1. Lifestyle change – Whether you’re a city dweller who is ready for wide open spaces and ample parking, or a suburban homeowner who would like to walk to restaurants and theatre dates, a location change might be in order. If you find yourself spending lots of time in the car en route to the city or regularly traveling beyond the concrete jungle, it’s probably time to relocate.   

  2. You’ve outgrown the space – When your belongings are spilling out of every closet, cupboard and storage space, it’s time for something larger. Couples with growing families often find their two-bedroom home starts to feel very small once a baby and their gear is in the mix. Though a larger house could mean moving to a different neighborhood, some suburban areas feed into excellent schools – so not only will you get more space, but you’ll get access to a great education for your kids.

  3. Time to downsize – When you find yourself spending more time cleaning rooms than hosting guests, it might be time to get something smaller. Often when children move out, keeping up with a large house can feel like a monumental task. Now might be the time to find a neighborhood with a vibrant community scene and shops, restaurants and parks within walking distance (so you can spend your time mingling with your neighbors, rather than cleaning empty rooms).

  4. It doesn’t spark joy – Your home should, in the words of tidying guru Marie Kondo, “spark joy.” If you no longer derive joy from your home (even when it’s neat, clean and full of people you love), then it might be time to go find a new spot that does spark joy.

  5. You have found something you like better – It happens! Your taste changes; your family grows; your budget shifts… and then you find yourself stopping at open houses, assessing the neighbor’s floorplan, or exploring model homes at a new community. If you’ve found your dream house, and your life situation can support a move, then it’s time to sell.

  6. You want access to better amenities – If you’ve been eyeing that pool at the community down the way or feeling envious of photos of your friends at their golf club, then it’s time to move to a community that offers more. Amenities like pools, tennis courts, parks and clubhouses can have a huge impact on homeowner satisfaction, as they connect neighbors, encourage a sense of community, and provide gathering spaces for all.

  7. You want to be closer to family – Whether you’re thinking of moving to be closer to parents, grandkids, or your favorite sibling, living near those you love can make a big difference. Being in close proximity to family can enhance work-life balance, improve happiness levels, and provide all sorts of other healthy benefits. When it comes to family, this is the perfect reason (and time) to sell.


Did one or several of the above apply to you? Then it’s time to start looking for your next home! Take a look at our New Home Buying Guide here, and also explore some of the Shea Homes communities nearby. With beautiful amenities, intuitive floorplans, and high-quality craftsmanship, purchasing a new home with Shea Homes will meet – and exceed - your “new home” criteria. Learn more about communities and view interactive floorplans at or stop by one of our model homes to see your dream home in person. Contact us today!

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