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Sell your current home and get into a new Shea Home.

Zillow has made it simple with
Zillow Offers™

Zillow Offers™ is a home-selling option for homeowners who want a certain and predictable sale on their timeline. Request a cash offer from Zillow by providing your address and answering some questions about your home. Zillow will review your home details and local market conditions, then respond to your request with a cash offer within a few days. If you choose to move forward, a dedicated Zillow Advisor will coordinate next steps. Skip the showings, repairs and open houses. Move when your new home is ready!

Shea Homes is a Preferred Zillow Offers Partner which means when you're buying a new Shea home and you sell your current home through the Zillow Offers program, you can qualify for a $2,000 closing credit* on the sale of your home!

Northview at Stone Butte, Arizona, Plan 5582

Program Benefits

  • $2,000 credit on the sale of your current home when you buy a new Shea home*
  • Ability to close on your current home between 7 days and 8 months out so you don’t have to move twice
  • No showings, negotiations, costly repairs, double mortgage or housing overlap to deal with
  • Dedicated Zillow Advisor line and expedited process
  • Get 3 free days in your current home after close of escrow to allow closing on your new Shea home and time for moving

Here's How Zillow Offers Works

Step 1: Tell us about your home

Answer a few questions and snap some photos – no need to clean! We'll review the information and calculate your offer.

Step 2: Get an offer

If your home is eligible, we'll send your cash offer within a few days, then you decide what's next: Accept the offer, decline the offer or work with an agent. It's up to you – there's no obligation.

Step 3: Choose Your Closing Date

After an in-home evaluation, accept our offer and pick a closing dateas we prepare payment

Move Into Your New Home

No double mortgages. No moving twice. Just a simple sale so you can focus on your new dream home.

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Zillow Group is not an agent of Shea Homes Marketing Company (CalDRE #01378646) (FL #CQ1034437). Shea Communities Marketing Company (AZ DRE #CO001121000) (NC #C25840) (NV #B.1002134.CORP) (WA #19548), or the seller of any Shea home. “Shea Homes” does not guarantee that Zillow Group will make an offer or that any offer made will provide the best terms available or will result in the greatest net proceeds to you.  “Shea Homes” shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type in any way connected with your use of Zillow Offers. Terms and Conditions apply. See for more information.

*Terms and conditions: The Homebuilder Partner Reward Program (“Homebuilder Rewards”) is an incentive program offered by Zillow Homes, Inc. (“Zillow Homes”) as part of the Zillow Offers program (“Zillow Offers”). Zillow Offers is promoted by Zillow, Inc. (“Zillow”). If you sell your home to Zillow or its affiliates through the Zillow Offers program and purchase a new home from this Homebuilder Partner, you can qualify for a closing credit of $2,000 on the home you sell through the Zillow Offers Program. In order to be eligible for the closing credit, you must (i) accept a cash offer through the Zillow Offers program, and (ii) purchase your new house from this Homebuilder Partner. If all requirements are met, you will be entitled to the closing credit. Your closing credit will be reflected on your closing statement of the home you sell through the Zillow Offers program.  Participation in Homebuilder Rewards is optional and is NOT required in order to obtain a cash offer through Zillow Offers or other services from Zillow. Zillow has the right to modify or cancel the Homebuilder Rewards at any time. Qualifying for the Homebuilder Rewards requires you to complete the purchase transaction of your new home from this Homebuilder Partner. It is not the intent of Zillow or its affiliates to solicit the offering of any licensed real estate agent. This offer is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please visit for additional information.