Trilogy Orlando, a 55+ resort community in Florida, is excited to announce its new solar program – SheaSolar: The Smart Choice in Green Homes. While other active adult builders in Florida may only offer a 2 kilowatt solar system, SheaSolar starts at a 3 kilowatt solar system and is included as a standard feature in all homes at Trilogy Orlando, at no additional cost.

With SheaSolar and SheaXero™No Electric Bill Homes, homebuyers now have their choice of solar programs based on how much they spend in their Trilogy home throughout the year.



SheaSolar will offer solar systems sized to fit your home and will be included as a standard feature in the price of all homes at Trilogy Orlando. Homes sized 1,400-1,899 square feet will include a 3 kilowatt system; homes sized 1,900-2,399 square feet will include a 4 kilowatt system; and homes sized over 2400 square feet will include a 5 kilowatt system.


You may already be familiar with Trilogy’s SheaXero No Electric Bill Homes ™, which are designed to save homeowners up to $3,000 a year on their monthly electric bills through a unique combination of 14 energy efficient features and a large solar power system. SheaXero will still be available as an upgraded option for those who spend more time in their home year-round and would benefit from the advantages not having an electric bill.

Trilogy Orlando resident, Barbara Kurowski, felt Trilogy’s eco-friendly options were important for their budget and also helped them maintain their commitment to an active and green lifestyle.

“We were ecstatic about having a green home,” said Barbara. “That, and having solar, were both important to us. We knew this was the type of lifestyle that we wanted to commit to. We wanted to live green, so that was one of the determining factors for us.”

As an added bonus, the money Barbara saved with SheaXero afforded her extra cash to spend on friends, family and awesome trips. “I had an old home in the summer where I was paying roughly $300 a month on electricity. With SheaXero, my last two bills were $16.

SheaXero is a great option for those living in their Trilogy Orlando home throughout the year, but Shea Solar offers the flexibility to choose the solar power system that’s right for you.

To learn more about this exciting new choice in solar and to tour the homes at Trilogy Orlando, call (800) 685-6494 to make an appointment.


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