What Our Homeowners Say

What makes Shea Homes so livable? We asked the people who live in them.

Above and Beyond

Both Jamie and Drew really went above and beyond. They were not only friendly and patient to respond to all our questions and concerns, they preempted what was needed and responded at times before we needed to say anything. They were available and responsive. Thank you for such a great experience!

Luis G - Shea Carolina Homeowner

Satisfied Customers

This has been a VERY satisfying experience start to finish!!

Hammill Family - Shea Carolina Homeowners

Thank You for Building Us a Beautiful Home

Doug - So knowledgeable about Shea Homes. Very courteous, helpful, kind. He was always available to answer any questions we had. We so appreciate all that he did for us. We also appreciate Anita as she always stepped in for Doug if he wasn't available.

April - We really can't say enough about her. She SERIOUSLY knows her stuff. She was great to work with and always handled our jokes very graciously. :) Our design studio experience with her was awesome. And as a result of her knowledge and suggestions, we have a beautiful home. She's definitely a keeper!!

Rick - We got Rick as our Super a bit into our build. We would always ask him if we were his only client as he was always so quick to respond to EVERY question we had. He, too, knows his stuff and would take the time to explain things to us so we understood how the building process worked.

While we have only specifically named three associates (well, four, with Anita), we can't say enough about our experience with Shea. We've always heard nothing but good things about the company and now we have experienced it. Thank you for building us a beautiful home. We are so excited to get unpacked! Oh, and thanks to Gil for stopping in at our walkthrough! That really made us feel like you care about who is buying your homes. Much appreciated!

Harris Family - Shea Carolina Homeowners

"Wow" Experience

“I bought my new home as a second home, with my primary residence being in San Diego which is 3 hours away. My ‘wow’ experience is that due to me being serious about buying but unable to make the trip up at that time to do the contract, the Community Representative made the trip to San Diego to meet with me to sign the contract. Honestly, I probably would not have been able to purchase if he hadn’t done that, and in hindsight I am extremely grateful that he did that.”

Michael V., Shea Southern California Homeowner

Easy and Pleasant

The entire team worked together very well to make the home-buying experience very easy and pleasant. They patiently answered any questions we had, took any concern we had very seriously, and were always courteous. The Move-in Party was also a great demonstration of how much they cared about the buyers. They all went out of their way to make us feel welcome, and having the entire team together in one place helped us put names to faces so that we had some face to face interaction with everyone. I was very impressed by and am very happy with my Shea Homes team.

Darlene L., Shea Southern California Homeowner

Truly an amazing experience buying, building and moving into a brand new 'dream' home

Gil, Steve, Jeff and Flynn Harris (Bank of NC):

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for our new home here at Bear Creek in the Palisades.

We spent our first night in the house last night and I gotta admit we were both pretty misty eyed looking up at the ceiling while laying in our bed (surrounded by boxes from the movers!) and discussing the past year that got us to this point.  For the past year we have looked up each night and dreamt what it would be like to finally have the night we had last night in our new home.  It was great to finally experience it!

Steve, thanks for an easy sales process w/ absolutely zero pressure or feeling like we were just  'purchasing' something.  You made the whole experience very simple and painless.  (I've never been so comfortable opening my checkbook for someone, nuts, right?!)

Jeff Buffington, man, what can I say; you are THE MAN.  You got the house absolutely perfect.  You walked into a big mess when Jim left and you were nothing but accommodating and professional the entire time.  Even when I was freaking out, you put my fears to rest and were always on top of everything w/o hesitation to make it to my neurotic expectations.  You are owed a steak and beer (several) from Courtney and I when you are ready!

Flynn, my money man.  We went through a huge hiccup in May with my old mortgage company but you stayed the course and calm and helped me walk through exactly what we needed to do to get this approval done correctly.  We never got to meet, but you are definite and intricate piece of this puzzle for putting Courtney and I in this home.  For that we will always be grateful.  

Gil, being a business owner myself, I can tell you its always nice to get visited by the 'head honcho' and feel comfortable.  You have an exceptional staff w/ Steve and Jeff and it was nice to put a face to name on the Company.  Def. impressed  w/ you showing up and taking the time to discuss the home to myself and my parents.  We are glad to become part of the Shea Home 'family' of buyers.

To all, thanks again for all your efforts.  This truly is an amazing experience buying, building and moving into a brand new 'dream' home.  Courtney and I couldn't be more excited about our future and we thank you all for making this dream of ours come to fruition.  

Neil S. - Shea Carolina Homeowner

Process Enjoyable and Rewarding

This being by far the single most important financial and lifestyle decision we may ever have made, we have never for a moment doubted our decision.  The entire staff have made the process enjoyable and rewarding, and we are most impressed with the dedication of all to create a product of the highest quality.

The Kent Family, Shea Southern California Homeowner

Fantastic Streamlined Process

Could not have hoped for better as all members of the team showed us so much love and were always able to help in any way - from the initial application process to the time we got the keys! THANK YOU!!!

The Hoang Family, Shea Southern California Homeowner

Effort To Understand Our Overall Home Design

The Design Studio made an effort to understand the overall look we were trying to achieve in our home.  They took the time and care to find finishes that complemented each other and the furniture and other design pieces I had already chosen.  Our home is beautiful and obviously well-constructed. The entire team was very attentive and clearly has been focused on ensuring that our entire Homebuying experience has been not only positive, but also memorable.

James L., Shea Colorado Homeowner

A Reassuring Process

Everyone was a "cheerleader" for our family for us purchasing this home.  I felt everyone was supportive, communicated well, and understood the importance of guiding you through every step of the home buying process.  I felt like our family was more than just another "number" in the home buying process.  Everyone on the team seemed to care and personally know the details of our family and our family needs during this process.

The Allen Family, Shea Southern California Homeowner
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