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Just Feels Right

When your new home feels easy and comfortable before you've even moved in - that's what we call livability. It's a feeling you get from Shea Homes - a sense that your house is ideally suited to its setting, the surrounding community and your family's lifestyle. Shea new home builders have been designing and constructing new homes, custom homes and luxury homes for well over a century. And while tastes evolve and technologies improve, Shea livability is a quality that never goes out of style.

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  • Eat Better Now!

    Pack Your Own Lunch with Shea Homes’ Insulated Lunch Tote As back-to-school time approaches, parents must again confront that annual lunch conundrum: buy it or pack it? For roughly the same price as five days of cafeteria food, you can buy enough ingredients to pack a healthy lunch each day. With a packed lunch, you […]

    Jul 31 at 10:32 PM • Shea Blog