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When looking for a new home in San Diego, it's all about location!

Here's what makes San Diego, California a great place to live.

Claiming to be “America's Finest City” is a gutsy move. Luckily, San Diego lives up to the boastful nickname. The climate, the opportunities, and of course Shamu are all the reasons why San Diego isn't just fine. It's the finest.

San Diego is famous for its beaches which include La Jolla shores, Mission Beach, and the legendary Blacks Beach. But the San Diego area encompasses the full range of lifestyles, from urban to suburban to rural. The two things shared by all of San Diego are the year round sunshine and a diverse job market supported by the military and large telecommunication corporations like Qualcomm, as well as small specialty boutiques and restaurants.

San Diego's attractions are well known. It is home to the world famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World, the proud home of Shamu. There's a wealth of culture in the form of museums and vibrant theatres, along with a strong historical legacy exemplified by the vintage architecture of Balboa Park and the restored missions of Old Town. And don't forget the two championship sports teams, the Padres and the Chargers.

Currently, San Diego's older areas are in a process of intense renovation which means an abundance of affordable housing in up and coming areas, a combination that is irresistible to new home buyers. The downtown area is going through a similar boom. The residential population is projected to more than double within the next decade with new home development to meet the demand. Shea Homes is one of the leading home builders in San Diego making the idea of living in paradise a reality.



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  • 1 Channel Island Encinitas CA
    1 Channel Island >

    In Encinitas, CA

    Now Open

    Beds: 3-6 Baths: 2-4 Sq Ft: 1,955-4,052 Base Pricing From: $910,000-$1,240,000
  • Beach House at Coral Cove Encinitas CA
    Beach House at Coral Cove >

    In Encinitas, CA

    Only a few Homes Left!

    Beds: 3-5 Baths: 3-4 Sq Ft: 2,520-3,041 Base Pricing From: $1,175,000-$1,280,000
  • Eaton Beach Estates Encinitas CA
    Eaton Beach Estates >

    In Encinitas, CA

    Now Selling

    Beds: 3-0 Baths: 3-4 Sq Ft: 4,131
  • Everly El Cajon CA
    Everly >

    In El Cajon, CA

    Now Open

    Beds: 3-4 Baths: 2-3 Sq Ft: 1,709 Base Pricing From: $479,000-$520,000
  • Focus San Diego CA
    Focus >

    In San Diego, CA

    Only a Few Homes Left!

    Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Sq Ft: 1,306-1,599 Base Pricing From: $506,000-$562,000
  • Frame San Diego CA
    Frame >

    In San Diego, CA

    Only a Few Homes Left!

    Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Sq Ft: 1,585-1,985 Base Pricing From: $581,000-$670,000
  • Lucent San Diego CA
    Lucent >

    In San Diego, CA

    Now Selling

    Beds: 2-3 Baths: 2-3 Sq Ft: 1,457-1,878 Base Pricing From: $559,000-$759,000
  • ORIGEN skyLoft at Civita San Diego CA
    ORIGEN skyLoft at Civita >

    At ORIGEN, San Diego, CA


    Beds: 2-3 Baths: 2-3 Sq Ft: 1,452-1,760 Base Pricing From: $551,830-$647,233
  • ORIGEN socialGarden at Civita San Diego CA
    ORIGEN socialGarden at Civita >

    At ORIGEN, San Diego, CA


    Beds: 2-3 Baths: 2-3 Sq Ft: 1,390-2,050 Base Pricing From: $525,731-$627,310
  • Serra Vista CA
    Serra >

    In Vista, CA

    Coming Soon!

    Beds: 3-4 Baths: 2-3 Sq Ft: 1,754
  • Tamarindo Chula Vista CA
    Tamarindo >

    In Chula Vista, CA

    Now Selling

    Beds: 4 Baths: 3 Sq Ft: 1,870 Base Pricing From: $469,000