Benefits of Home Ownership

More than a House. It's Your Home.

Benefits of Home Ownership

Owning a home may have some financial benefits but the true benefits of homeownership go beyond finances. Owning a home means having a place to call your very own. Investing in the community where you live, its parks and its schools. Investing in your family by providing them with the stability and consistency that comes from having a place to call home.

Most people considering a home purchase are familiar with the potential tax deductions that may accompany home ownership. There are also several other potential financial benefits beyond tax savings which include:

  • Increased financial security as you build up the equity in your home - equity that may be available through a home equity loan or line of credit.
  • Potential ability to build positive credit faster lowering the costs for other types of financing such as car loans.
  • Better terms and lower rates on credit cards.
  • Potential discounts on insurance services particularly when your homeowners and auto policies are with the same insurance company.

Your home is also a place to make your memories. This is where you'll share stories around the kitchen table and experience the full gamut of life's ups and downs. From you baby's first steps to her first kiss to her first dance at her wedding - it's all about having a place for your dreams.
You’ll also have a place to call your own. You want to paint the interior walls, get a dog or cat? (or both?) Go for it! This is your home.



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