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Your “Dream Home Must-Have” list. It’s the first thing you do when looking to purchase a home. It’s your guiding light to know which homes you want to research more and which you’ll schedule tours of. And, while it’s an essential part of home buying and designing, it’s difficult to ensure that houses on the market check every box on your list. Instead of negotiating which items to sacrifice, consider personalizing your dream home so that each feature you deem important is built with your personality, interest, and style in mind. Your home should be designed your way. At Shea Homes, we want to ensure your vision comes to life, through thoughtful design and personalized design options to fit your needs and wants. Discover what it’s like to build your dream home with Shea. 

  • About The Shea Homes Design Studio

    About The Shea Homes Design Studio

    Personalizing Your Dream Home

    At Shea Homes, we take pride in building and designing innovative homes that enhance people’s lives the moment they step through the front door. Our Design Studio was created to give you the opportunity to personalize your new home as you’ve always dreamed. Each step of the way, our design consultants will educate you on the enhancement selections available, such as paint colors, light fixtures, cabinets, and more. It’s time to stop simply envisioning and start designing with Shea Homes.

    Experience the Shea Difference

    We don't just vouch for our Design Studio, our homeowners do as well! Check out some real testimonials from homeowners who worked with our team of design experts! 

  • Scheduling Your Design Studio Appointment

    Scheduling Your Design Studio Appointment

    The Appointment Process

    • Typically, the Design Studio will reach out to homeowners to schedule an appointment and send a follow-up email to confirm the date and time. 

    • Depending on the homeowner's situation, some might only need 1 appointment to make their selection, while others might need a few sessions to finalize their choices. Please keep in mind the number of appointments varies across our different divisions and depends on each homeowner's unique circumstances.

  • Prepping For A Design Studio Appointment

    Prepping For A Design Studio Appointment

    Understanding Your Design Style

    Understanding Your Design Style

    • Get to know your design style. Before your design studio meeting, take the time to research different home features, fixtures, color palettes, materials, and more. Pinterest and Houzz are great resources for helping you create vision boards for your home, which can help our design experts better understand your style preferences.  

    • We encourage you to bring items to your appointment that will help to show your design style and vision. Items such as fabric swatches, paint chips, and pictures are always very useful tools while making interior selections. 

    • Start thinking about the functionality of your home. Do you have pets or plan to have pets? What about kids? You’ll not only want to design your space for your current family situation, but for perhaps 2-5 years from now. This is especially important to think through when choosing the right flooring in each room of your home. 

    • While a spa-like soaking tub may be a must-have feature, don’t forget to think of things that you may overlook at first as “mundane”. Things like window dressingflooringcountertop materials  and fixture styles will all have a bigger impact on the look and feel of your home than you may think. While the aesthetic of the materials is important, don’t forget about how you will use each. A cooking aficionado may want to opt for high quality kitchen countertops more than those who serially order-in. If you have pets, a scratch resistant floor is a must.

    • If you’ve already determined an Outdoor-Centric home is right for you, you know you want your own personal outdoor space! But, if you’re still a little unsure, consider other outdoor features that you may find important.

      • Are you someone who craves your morning cup of coffee overlooking an unobstructed view in the privacy of your backyard?

      • Do you prefer sharing an outdoor space with friends and neighbors?

      • Would you like to entertain guests in an inviting, cozy courtyard?

    • Do you have a furry friend who is looking for space to roam (or nap)?

    • Visit the model homes in your community and browse the provided option catalogue. Study the options catalogue and make notes while creating a wish list of items you’re interested in or have questions about. If you can’t or don’t wish to visit a model home in person, you can visit and view virtual tours of other models in other Shea Homes neighborhoods.

    • Consider smart home technology. At Shea Homes, we offer SheaConnect™ in our new homes, our suite of smart home features that help you stay connected to your home every day. Our features include: Eero Wi-Fi, Amazon Echo Show, Ring Video Doorbell Elite, Garage Door Connectivity, Kevo or Kwikset Electronic Locks, Honeywell Pro Smart Thermostat, and iDevices Wall Switch.  

    • If you’re building a home with Shea, your Design Studio sessions will take place prior to construction beginning on your home. The first session will likely take between 2-3 hours, so make sure to plan ahead!

  • Design Studio Selection Process and Costs

    Design Studio Selection Process and Costs

    Balancing Your Budget

    • Generally, your Design Studio appointment will start with  our design consultants getting to know you, and your design choices, better. One of our design consultants will sit down with you and walk through your style preferences, home lifestyle, and overall wants and needs for home features. Make sure you come to your appointment with visuals, such as Pinterest boards. This makes it easier for your consultant to understand the aesthetic you wish to achieve.
    • During your design appointment, you will work with a design consultant to select which features and/or upgrades you want in your home such as flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint colors, countertops, appliances, and more. Shea Homes also offers smart home options for those who desire a more connected way of living in your home. Whether you’re interested in saving money with energy-efficient products or saving time with home automation systems, SheaConnect has features to fit your lifestyle needs.


    • Keep in mind that any option that deviates from the standard selection that is included in the house is considered an upgrade and has a cost associated with the option that is selected. These items can be associated with additions or changes from the standard features.
    • When considering your design selections, it’s important to strike a balance between what you want and how much you are able to spend. Before your first Design Studio appointment, make sure you calculate your budget for features and upgrades. Our design consultants will work with you to achieve your dream home while staying within your budget.


What Is the Shea Homes Design Studio?

Our Design Studio was created to give home buyers the opportunity to personalize their new home as they’ve always dreamed. Each step of the way, our design consultants will educate buyers on what’s included in their new home and what design items have available upgrades and options. When meeting with our design consultants, buyers may view features such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, paint colors, light fixtures, and more.

How do I know what’s included in my home?

Each Shea home comes standard with a set of included design features. Included features are home features included in the base price of your new home. Examples include a specific type of appliance, cabinet configuration, door height, flooring, or windows, and vary by home collection. To view these features, visit the community you are interested in and go to the home plan page. Included home features will be listed with the floor plan. Customers may also be able to select upgrades in our design studio.

What is a structural upgrade and what is a design option?

A structural upgrade is an available change for an extra cost that changes the “structure” of the home, such as a covered porch, extended garage, or additional rooms. A design option is a finish option that is available at no extra cost within the house such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, and paint. These design options may also be upgraded from what is initially included in the home based on the customer’s taste and preferences.

Should I Budget for Additional Upgrades?

Yes. While Shea Homes selects some of our most popular design options as included features within the home, most customers will want to personalize their home, and this may include the selection of some upgrades at an extra cost.

What Is Shea Homes Upgrade Price List?

The cost and availability of upgrades vary per community location and home plan. Speak to a Community Representative for the most up to date and accurate information.

Does It Cost More to Upgrade Flooring?

Any upgraded option, including flooring, will cost more than an included feature which is included in the base price of your home.

Does Shea Have Home Design Packages?

Some of our communities offer design packages. Our design consultants will also meet with you to help select design options that fit your lifestyle and your design taste.

Where Can I Find Additional Pictures of Interior Options?

If you are shopping for a new home, view Design Inspirations on the home plan page for the plan you are interested in. Design inspirations will allow you to see some of our most popular design features for the selected plan. Once a home is purchased, home buyers are given access to our Design Studio solution to further personalize their home by selecting individual finishes from our entire catalog of design options such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances and more – all online before ever stepping into the Shea Design Studio. Buyers can save their favorite features for review during their Design Studio appointment.

What Are the Different Upgrade Selections Available?

Upgrade selections vary by community location and home plan. When you purchase a new home, our design studio team will review included features and upgrades available for the home you’ve chosen. In addition to using the virtual design tools offered to home shoppers, you may also be able to review available design options and upgrades with a Community Representative prior to signing your contract. Design upgrades are at an extra cost.

How do I pay for my Upgrades?

The cost of all upgrades will be added to the Purchase Price and paid at closing.  In some cases, and at certain communities, additional deposits will be required.  Please speak to a Community Representative for further details.

Where is the Design Studio Located?

Shea Homes builds in 11 states, and we have design studios located throughout the country to accommodate our customer’s needs. Buyers attend their design appointment at the design studio that supports the community their home was purchased in. Design studios are in the Phoenix area, throughout California, the Denver area, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina,Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Can I Have Unique Designs for Different Rooms?

Yes. Customers may be able to choose unique design features for each room of the home depending on what the feature is. For example, you are not required to have the same type of flooring throughout the entire home.

How can I see what options may look like in my home?

Home buyers are given access to our Design Studio solution to further personalize their home by selecting individual finishes from our entire catalog of design options such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances and more – all online before ever stepping into the Shea Design Studio. Buyers can also see samples of the actual products during their Design Studio appointment.


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