It’s safe to say that there has never been a year quite like 2020, and it has led to changes, including in our homes. Spaces were reimagined, either being influenced by extra time at home, or the need to bring new aspects of life, like work, home. We quickly saw people setting up specific backgrounds for all of the new virtual meetings they’d be in. Some of this is sure to stay throughout 2021, while other trends will mostly fade. Shea Homes® has rounded up five trends we’re particularly excited about.

Indoor Plants – This trend has been growing steadily for some time now, and the extra time inside last year made it even more popular. Especially in regions where greenery is less common outside (like our beautiful state of Arizona), indoor plants are a nice touch to liven up any room. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the trend has made its way to Instagram, with users happy to show off how good of a #PlantMom they are. With a wide variety of plants that can easily survive inside, you can fill different spaces, large or small.

Indoor Plants

Luxury Living – Yes, desiring to live luxuriously has always been popular, but the emphasis on treating yourself to high-quality home pieces was accentuated with all the extra time at home. Not having a proper desk is manageable when you work in an office, but when you start logging eight hours on your computer a day, the need for a comfortable workspace becomes vital. Spending more time at home also means you want your furniture to be able to take more wear and tear, so dropping a bit more money on something that will last becomes more of a priority.

Plan 4026 Great Room at Ascent at Eastmark

Bidets – We know it might sound silly, but really, the long-standing (or should we say sitting) staple in Europe is finally making its way to America, and all it took was a pandemic. Bidet sales soared with the sudden shortage of toilet paper in early 2020, and people are now recognizing the benefits of bidets they’ve been missing all this time. With luxury options that include heated seats and water, night lights, and a variety of cleaning options, bidets offer more than most believe. They have also been said to save millions of trees that would have otherwise been turned into toilet paper. Get ready, 2021 might just be the year of the bidet.

Germ-Free Not shocking, but true, germ-free accessories are sure to continue to be popular in 2021. Think of non-touch items like faucets and trash bins that can reduce transmission of germs in an important room like the kitchen. For those renovating, surfaces like quartz and copper can actually prevent the spread of germs, so don’t be too surprised if there is a rise in those materials. The biggest germ-free trends may just be releasing too, as manufacturers catch up to the demand for more sanitary products.

Couple in a Kitchen

Multifunctional Backyards – While your backyard may have been a space to use in the evening and on weekends before 2020, many have now turned their yards into versatile spaces they can use all day. With a wider variety of furniture, and shade options, yard spaces give owners a new area to spend time in. The desire for outdoor spaces that allow for safer gatherings should continue throughout most of the year, driving many people to upgrade their patios and backyards.

Plan 7513 Patio at Origin at Gateway Quarter

What have you done to your spaces to accommodate for change?

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