While traditional wreaths may have adorned your front door in seasons past, give your entrance a stunning upgrade this year. By getting creative with wintry items like ice skates, design a decorative door that brings cheer to Shea Homes'® The Canyons community. Continue reading for Instagram-worthy inspiration.

String Lights
A staple of holiday decorations, this year opt for string lights that hang vertically — you’ll find some that can be displayed to resemble a curtain when you shop online or at your local home goods store. The dainty bulbs not only add sparkle to your front door decor, but they also provide a modern take on warm seasonal lighting. At The Canyons, optional balconies and courtyards offer the perfect opportunity to create an ethereal entryway. Consider hanging strands that cascade toward the ground and illuminate your front door.

Holiday Christmas Wreath Garland Bells Front Door Decorations Getty Images

Ice Skates Wreath
For a fresh take on the traditional wreath, attach a pair of vintage ice skates to your door. If you have old skates in the garage, refresh them with a coat of colorful paint — be sure to choose frosty hues like soft blue or pale purple, then fill your graceful gliders with festive foliage like evergreen, pine, or spruce branches. Opt for a burlap bow or shiny ornaments to add a sophisticated touch of wintertime wonder to your wreath! You can create a more natural display by adding petite branches or twigs collected during your nature walk around The Canyons community. By incorporating your stunning natural surroundings into your ice skate wreath, your neighbors will be reminded of all the magic the neighborhood has to offer.

Ice Skates Holiday Door Wreath Decorations Getty Images

Monochromatic Decorations
Whether it snows for the holidays or not, create the white Christmas you’ve been dreaming of with monochromatic decorations. An all-white display is sure to stop your neighbors in their tracks with a presentation as eye-popping as it is unique! Using spray paint and a few branches and leaves from your own backyard, cover your foliage with sparkly whites and silvers to add shimmer and glitz — we love to draw inspiration from the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Should you opt for a bolder monochromatic entry, choose forest greens, rich reds, or deep blues as a contrast to the iconic snowy Colorado holidays. Bold colors will liven up your home’s entrance just the same as wintry whites.

Holiday Christmas Monochromatic Front Door Decorations Getty Images

Take time to incorporate the beauty and wonder of Colorado winters onto your front door decor. Whether you opt for a modern monochromatic display or a fresh take on string lights, these stellar decorations will effortlessly spread holiday cheer to your neighbors at The Canyons.

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