Patterned wallpaper is having a moment in the interior design world, but not everyone has the time or patience to painstakingly apply primer, paper, and more to cover a wall. DIY murals offer a middle ground between a neutral wall and wallpaper — read on for six cute ideas for decorating the walls in your new Stepping Stone™ home. 
Home Sweet Mountains
Pay homage to the stunning Front Range outside your door with an indoor mountainscape! A muted color palette — like blues, grays, and greens — adds a calming tranquility to your space. You can accomplish this simple design yourself with only a few shades of paint, painter’s tape, a drop cloth, and brushes — or bypass the effort and choose a peel-and-stick mural option through online retailers like Etsy. Stepping Stone’s convenient location near Parker, Colorado means that you’re just a short drive from the best of Colorado’s outdoor recreation, like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding — so make the interior match the exterior!

Mountain Wall Mural Getty Images

Funky Mid-Century Style
Everyone from home design experts to casual browsers alike knows that mid-century modern-inspired design is truly ubiquitous. Mid-century style’s sleek silhouettes and clean lines create a sophisticated atmosphere in any room. Patterns like this one feel like they’re straight from the atomic age, but mid-century style can accommodate more recent inspiration — like bold swirls in bright colors, star-shaped designs, or diamond shapes. Protip: Pick a simple palette of three colors to avoid overcrowding your design. If pulling out the paint brushes seems too intimidating, a quick online search will turn up plenty of peel-and-stick mural options

Mid Century Modern Wall Mural Getty Images

Comfort Colors and Boho Shapes
Bohemian-inspired designs are also perennial favorites for home decor. Bohemian designs like earth-toned shapes, sunburst or flower designs, or freeform blocks of color create a soothing atmosphere perfect for a bedroom wall. Large colored shapes or blocks naturally draw a viewer’s eye towards the room’s focal point, like a bed or desk. Coordinate earth-toned colors with materials and accessorize with decor in natural fibers and materials, like light-colored wood, rattan, macrame, and more. 

Boho Design Bedroom Getty Images

Take Inspiration from Nature
Turn a bedroom, guest room, or office into an outdoor oasis with nature-inspired wall murals. This minimalistic design creates the scene of a winter forest, but more maximalist designs feature tropical plants, ferns, or climbing strands of ivy. Keep the theme consistent throughout the room with fresh flowers or indoor plants like pothos or monstera plants. 

Flower Wall Mural Getty Images

Chalkboard Heaven
At first glance, this clever design might appear to be a solid black wall — but look closer, and you’ll find a chalkboard canvas for all your artistic creations! Chalkboard paint — available at most home supply stores and online — allows you to customize your wall decor for changeable patterns, sketches, inspirational quotes, and more. It’s perfect for kids’ rooms, for shopping lists on a kitchen wall, or for game ideas in a basement rec room. Plan to apply the paint over the course of several days — it’ll take two coats and at least three days to dry completely. 

Chalkboard Wall Baby Room Getty Images

Bold and Bright Florals
You and your guests will smile when you walk into a room decorated with bold and bright flowers. Their eye-popping colors and sweet design create a bold statement for a bedroom, bathroom, or guest room. However, not all floral designs need to be so splashy: Try a black and white flower mural for a sophisticated but equally striking floral design. For a bright pattern, tone down the other decor accessories to let the design shine. For a two-tone mural, try adding contrasting pops of color with throw pillows, vases, or decorative items. 

Solstice Trails Edge Tallgrass Model Girls Bedroom

No matter how you choose to decorate your walls, you can rest assured that your Stepping Stone™ home’s customizable style and contemporary design will accommodate any aesthetic. Take a peek at our available floorplans — and our neighborhood amenities — to find your next home sweet home today!

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