There comes a time when your kids have outgrown their childhood bedrooms and crave something a bit more mature. Thankfully, Shea Homes® bedrooms’ clean style and contemporary design offer flexible redesign opportunities for every stage of a kiddo’s life. Read on for some easy tips to redecorate and refresh your child’s bedroom.

While a floor full of stuffed animals and LEGO sets might be appropriate for a toddler, by middle school your child may crave a more adult style. Have a conversation with your child about choosing a primary theme for the room, rather than a collection of icons and themes. This theme could be a color palette — like rainbows, shades of blue, or Barbie pink — or your child’s favorite series or characters — like Harry Potter, a Marvel franchise, or Spongebob Squarepants. Coordinate throw pillows with wall art to keep the theme consistent, like in this stunning kid’s bedroom from the Melody home plan from the Solstice™ community.

Solstice Harmony Melody Model Kids Bedroom

If your teen wants a more sophisticated interior design, try experimenting with peel-and-stick wall murals to add character to walls, minus the hassle of painting. A cork board or chalk wall could give your adolescent independence in taking on the challenge of decoration themselves, or creating a mood board to curate their room’s vibes. 

Canyons Luxe Stonehaven Model Girls Bedroom

Organization and lack of clutter are key factors distinguishing a “kid” room from a “young adult” room. Start decluttering with your child: What toys do they want to keep around, and what can be passed on to a younger sibling or donated to a local charity organization? Discuss a middle ground between strict organization and clutter littering the floor: what about a bin for items to reshelve or reorganize? If their bedroom doesn’t already feature a bookshelf, try adding one, or using a cube-style section organizer with inset bins to keep things neat and tidy. Freestanding storage cubes can be rearranged and stacked according to your child’s needs, or to accommodate their bedroom space. 

Canyons Gallery Emerson Model Comic Bedroom

As your child ages, they’ll need to swap their childhood bed for a twin bed, or a twin bed for a full bed. Bunk beds are cute and economize space, but they might not be the most convenient option as they grow. A day bed or a trundle can be a good option for growing kids — a day bed can offer under-bed storage, and a trundle bed is perfect for sleepovers. A bedside table can house an alarm clock, to help preteens and teens develop more independent, mature routines. 

Canyons Retreat Enclave Model Kids Bedroom

As kids grow, so do their homework obligations! Eventually, kids will need a desk in their room, or a dedicated homework space. Shea Homes® offer flexible spaces to customize for your family’s needs, like this loft space. Kids’ schoolwork might require more tech as they age, so seek out a desk with built-in chargers to keep all their devices powered up. 

Canyons Luxe Stonehaven Model Kids Bedroom

As your children grow, they might seek to distinguish their individual style by leveling up their bedrooms’ sophistication. Shea Homes® bedrooms offer a clean and contemporary canvas for kids to showcase their budding individuality — check out our available homes in our Colorado communities today, and let your kiddos’ imaginations run wild!

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