How Smart Home Upgrades Can be More Energy Efficient

With Zoom meetings, multiple computer screens, printers, online schooling, and more, our homes are working in overdrive. From an environmental standpoint, working and schooling from home comes with a cost, especially for those living in large suburban houses. But what if homeowners could find ways to be more energy efficient on a daily basis? Let’s dive deeper into home efficiencies!  

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzzword these days, but a rising consideration for many homeowners and homebuyers who are looking for ways to conserve energy usage in their homes. Luckily, there are a variety of home products and upgrades for people to consider, that can help save energy and potentially reduce costs in the long term.  

Check out our infographic below to learn more about today’s average household energy use, along with some energy solutions such as smart home technology and solar power. 

SHEA4366-EnergyEfficiency-Infographic-R2 copy.jpg

Smart Thermostats   

Did you know that heating and cooling homes is where most American’s energy usage is spent? Smart thermostats are a great solution to help monitor and adjust a home’s temperature from anywhere. At Shea Homes, we offer SheaConnect – a suite of smart home products, that includes a Honeywell Pro Smart Thermostat, which allows homeowners to control their thermostat remotely or program it based on their daily schedule, saving them energy while they’re out and keeping them comfortable while they’re home.   

Smart Wall Switches

Nearly everyone has fallen victim to leaving all the lights on in their home while they’re away, which is not only frustrating, but costly as well. Luckily there are solutions to help homeowner’s control the lights in their home from anywhere. Smart lighting features, such as Wi-Fi Enable iDevice Wall Switches offered in our homes, give people the flexibility to control lights through voice commands or on a connected smart device—even when they’re out and about.  

Energy Efficient Appliances

Since the pandemic, and even into 2021, more people opted to cook at home versus going out to public restaurants. Whether it was baking banana bread in 2020 or attempting the viral baked feta pasta recipe in 2021, people are logging more time in their kitchen and using their household appliances, such as stovetops, microwaves, refrigerator, and more. Fortunately, today’s appliances know how to work harder and smarter. Energy star certified appliances, like those offered at some of our Shea Home communities, use less energy and could lead to potential savings.  

Solar Power

What if our homes were already built to save energy? Solar options provide homeowners benefits such as:  

  • Potential savings on monthly energy bills.   

  • Potential for money back in savings. Some power companies may even issue credits or cash for adding energy to the grid.   

Many of our Shea Home communities offer solar options! Talk to a Community Representative for more details about the different options available.

Live Sustainably With Shea

At Shea Homes, we work to keep our new homes energy efficient from the start. If you want to learn more about how we build our home, as well as our smart home options, visit and reach out to one our community representatives.

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