Prepare Your Pets for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be especially stressful for pets. As you scramble around cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and greeting your guests, your pets’ daily routine is disrupted. As a result, they are more likely to feel anxious and cautious during get-togethers. To avoid unnecessary worry and even aggression, it’s important to prepare your pets for the change and help them get through the season seamlessly!

Tire Them Out
german shepherd dog smiling on leash

Because you will be busy getting the food and house ready for guests, you won’t be able to take your dog on his regular walk. Instead of going out earlier or later, ask a friend to come early to stay on schedule. They can give your dog his daily exercise and bring him back home ready for a nap. As they snooze away, you’ll feel much more at ease as you continue holiday preparations.

Provide a Safe Space
cat sleeping in white pet bed

If your pet gets anxious—or if you don’t want him to bother your guests while they eat and mingle—give him a safe space where he can hang out the rest of the night. Whether you’re using a crate or a spare room, make sure he is away from potentially stressful situations. To prevent and decrease nervousness, ask your guests not to bother him while he is in his space.

Play Calming Music
dog in milk crate in front of music albums

Most pets will probably fall asleep in their safe spot, but if the party gets too loud, they can become excited or scared. Keep distractions to a minimum by putting on the television or playing calming music. These sounds can help drown out your guests and keep your pet feeling happy and comfortable.

Keep Them Distracted
puppy surrounded by soft plush toys

While in his crate or bedroom, your pet is likely to become restless and want to join you. You don’t want him barking, meowing, or trying to get out, so it’s important to provide some distractions! With his favorite toys to keep him busy, you can enjoy your party knowing he is having a good time, too. Hint: We recommend giving your pet a new toy or treat. He will soon learn that when you have guests over, he will get a reward and will be more willing to go to his safe spot.

Supervise Your Pets
hands petting a golden retriever

If your pet thrives on social interaction, you can bring him out to meet your guests. However, you must supervise him, especially around children. Make sure no one is being rough with him or feeding him table scraps. As soon as you see something wrong, speak up and correct the issue. If you notice your pet becoming anxious, steer him away from the party and back to his comfort zone.
Give your pets the gift of feeling safe and secure this holiday season! With all these tips in mind, we know you’re going to throw an amazing holiday party for both your guests and your furry family members. Love this blog? Stick around and explore our communities to find a home that your fur baby is sure to adore!

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