Decorating any room can be challenging. There are several details to think about regarding decor, colors, and lighting. If you have a large room that needs to be decorated, it can be hard figuring out the optimal setup to make sure it actually feels like a cohesive, completed space. With a few simple tips below to follow, you’ll have the essentials needed to get your own large room feeling cozy.

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Color Advice
The color of your walls play a big role when it comes to influencing your mood in a room. To keep it comfortable, subtle dark and muted paints will create a warm and inviting feeling. Dark colors absorb light and will help pull the focus away from the fact that it is a large space. Larger rooms are also able to hold a darker paint color, with small rooms this can feel suffocating.
For spacious rooms, it can be easy to go overboard if you’re using too many colors. For bigger design decisions that go into a room such as furniture picks, stick to more neutral shades to prevent an overwhelming feeling. Adding bright pops of color should be saved for the accents and wall decor. Because you’re decorating a large room, adding accents that are similar in tones will create a flow that keeps the eye moving. Pillows, throws, and rugs that have some color are ideal.

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Wall Decor
Incorporating art in the home will help transform an area from simple to intricate, adding personal charms. In interior design, a critical element for creating a room is establishing a focal point. With the right wall art, the eye will be immediately drawn to it. For a large room, try to avoid using just one piece of art as it won’t fill the space well. Instead, opt for a larger painting or print that will add more visual appeal to a wall.
If you’re not content with the idea of just having one large piece in your room, consider creating a gallery wall. Photos in your home are a good way to cherish memorable moments in your life, whether it be highlighting loved ones or important accomplishments. To accomplish the look of  a harmonious wall, get coordinating photo frames that will provide structure to your pictures. Don’t limit your gallery wall to just photos though, smaller art paintings and prints can add another layer of allure when viewing. Have an artsy side? Make your own drawings and paintings to contribute, with the frames added it’ll be as if you’re an artist in a museum.

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Find the Right Furniture
When choosing furniture, try finding pieces that can handle being in a big space. Investing in a sectional sofa will go a long way in bringing a room together. Unlike conventional sofas, sectionals are composed of many independent pieces that can be arranged in a number of positions. This option is very versatile for rooms, as you can move around the detachable pieces to cater to the amount of people sitting on it. Since this style of couch is meant for more people, it’ll help fill a room.
When getting furniture for any room, most people automatically want to push everything against the walls. This can make a bigger space feel even more massive, with people straining to hear and converse with others because of being on both sides of the room. Instead, play around with different placement options, keeping around three feet between each furnishing for a more inclusive feel. Because there is so much room, you can create multiple, more defined spaces that will still make the room feel complete as a whole. Placing a small table with some chairs on one side of the room and then transitioning with a couch and coffee table on the other side can help make a dual, functional space.
Decorating a room is no easy feat. With these tips, you’ll be able to get started on tackling a large room with ease. The important thing to remember is that your own taste must shine, otherwise it wouldn’t be your home! Finding elements that speak to you and make you happy in your home is the most important step in decorating.

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