Winter is over and warmer weather is starting to arrive, which means it’s time to dust out the cobwebs, wipe down every surface, and declutter your home. There’s nothing quite like a deep clean to signal the start of spring!
While it might seem daunting to clean more than one bedroom, our essential tips can make the process easy-breezy — especially if you use our favorite divide-and-conquer method. Continue reading for essential tips to clean your new house as the seasons change.

Take the Weekend
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t tidy up your whole home in just 24 hours. It’s vital that you prioritize and plan ahead when making a cleaning schedule.

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To avoid overwhelming yourself, consider identifying pain points: Is your master closet driving you nuts? Is it finally time to tackle the garage? If big tasks seem a little too large, start small with one cupboard at a time — or just vacuum one floor.
By prioritizing what you need to clean first to stay sane, you’ll stay on-task and find more joy in the experience.
Keep it Sanitary
You’d be surprised by how much dirt, dust, and grossness can build up throughout the winter.
It’s very important that you glove up and even consider a mask while you work. Use a fan to create ventilation and mitigate dangerous inhalants — and be sure to read the labels of your cleaning products to prevent any kind of allergic reaction or dangerous combination that could make you woozy or faint!

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Cleaning is hard so it’s vital that you come prepared, especially when scrubbing down a spacious master bathroom or deep cleaning your kitchen.
Divide and Conquer
Don’t take it all on yourself. Our instinct is to clean solo as we really want to wipe away all the grime — but if you have helping hands available, remember to use them!

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Assign the smaller tasks to the little ones in your life, like wiping down window interiors or dividing laundry based on color. Your fellow adults can help you declutter your spaces before you dive into the deep clean. Simple tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning out the closet and selecting items to donate, or throwing out expired food are easily tackled even by novice cleaners.
If you’re more trusting, assign everyone a room or even a floor to work on throughout the day. The divide-and-conquer method can help you speed up the cleaning process while bonding as a family!
Get Rid of the Junk Drawer
It’s tempting to designate a junk drawer in your new home, that one catch-all hidey-hole that seems to collect all things random including single keys, old tape dispensers, and expired coupons. As you may know, organizing is half the battle when it comes to spring cleaning.

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Our advice is to have an organized layout for every cabinet, closet, drawer, and storage space to eliminate the need for a junk drawer in the first place! Specialized drawer dividers, more available trash receptacles, and inventive kitchen cabinet installations can help you find a place for everything.
First things first: Dump the drawer, clear it out, and then make a plan for creating a more functional system. Once you’ve lived life junk drawer-free, you’ll never want to go back!
Of course, the ultimate tip to spring cleaning is to simply move into a brand-new home.
New homes that are easy to clean and simple to maintain are available at Solstice, The Canyons, and Stepping Stone. Make the move: Contact us today.

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