Garages are great spaces, they protect your cars from the weather, and give you ample extra storage for the things that don’t need to be directly accessible in your home. The issue with putting things you don’t use every day in them is that it can tend to get disorganized and dusty pretty quickly. As Spring inches closer, “Spring Cleaning” provides an opportunity to do some tidying up, here are some tips from Shea Homes® to organize your garage with ease.

Sports Equipment – When you have helmets and soccer balls strewn around your garage, they can make an otherwise clean garage feel disheveled. Buying or building a storage rack that will hold all of your sports gear can make organization much easier, and gives a clear spot for kids to return their gear to when they’re done playing.

Wall Storage – It’s all about using the space in your garage where you won’t be parking your cars, which means making the most out of potential storage along the walls. Whether you install cabinets, or just put up shelving that can hold items, building vertical space is the most efficient way to store items in your garage without overflowing into the parking space. You want to make sure that anything you hang on the walls is going to be properly supported by the hooks/shelves you’re putting into the wall. When it comes to storing your items, try to organize by categories. All of your yard equipment can stay in one area, giving the garage a clear flow.

Tools hanging in a Garage

Epoxy Floor Coating – A garage floor is easily one of the dirtiest spots in a house, as the constant in and out of cars and shoes tracks in a lot of dirt. Epoxy makes the process of cleaning a lot easier, and a lot less frequent. Coating your properly prepared and cured floor with epoxy resists oil stains and wipes clean as easily as a kitchen countertop does, plus the color chips and paint disguise any imperfections. You can even put the coating down by yourself with a free weekend.

Keeping it Clean – Getting your garage clean is one thing, keeping it clean is a whole other battle. Start by getting a pesticide that will keep insects at bay during the spring and summer months. Keep a bag of kitty litter handy in case of any oil or grease spills, and have a broom and pan around to keep up with any dust or dirt that finds its way in. Whether it be with a pressure washer or just a regular hose, spraying down the floor routinely will keep you happy with the state of your garage.

Garage Organization

Get rid of some stuff The garage tends to be the place where you toss the things that didn’t make the cut for your house storage, meaning you barely use them. While you may keep annual decorations that do make an appearance every year in the garage, there also tends to be items that won’t see the light of day for years. Take a weekend, go through all the items and decide what really needs to be kept on hand, and what can be donated or thrown away. It’s also good to have a neutral third-party with you, who can be a better judge on what will actually get used, without having any emotional attachment.

What is another way you have found to organize your garage space?

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