Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or you’ve just begun to enjoy exploring the wide world of wines, at a Trilogy community, you’ll be in good company! For many of our homeowners, wine tasting is a favorite hobby and wine culture is a big part of their lives.

Wine is so much more than a drink—it’s an experience. A favorite bottle of wine can transport you to another part of the world or take you back in time, as you remember that first time you sipped and savored it. Plus, some say it can even be good or you—at least in moderation. We’ll raise our glass to that!

We know how much our Trilogy homeowners love a good glass of vino. That’s why our communities have organized wine clubs and social calendars that regularly feature wine-related events, from tastings to multi-course pairing dinners. Several of our communities also offer private wine lockers.

Our popular Barrel Masters Program is a great way to connect with fellow wine lovers. This program allows Members to secure preferred wine pricing, access to special wine events, and—at some communities—their own private wine locker.

To become a Barrel Master, Trilogy Members pay a membership fee (collected monthly, annually, or, in some cases, just once for a “Lifetime Locker”), and are then provided access to all the benefits of their local Barrel Masters program (which vary by community, due to local alcohol laws). Learn more about this program in our Barrel Masters video below!   

Please drink responsibly.

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